4 Golf Courses You Can Eat

You're right - the notion of an "edible golf course" seems insane.

And yet, there are a few layouts around the world that stake a more or less legitimate claim to such a title.

Forget farm-to-table...these courses are farm-to-fairway:

Irie Fields Golf Club - Kittitian Hill, St. Kitts

If you happen to have heard the phrase "edible golf course" recently, it's because of this Ian Woosnam design, located at Belle Mont Farm on Kittitian Hill on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Kitts, in the British West Indies.

It is the self-proclaimed "Most edible golf course in the world," partly due to the fact that the maintenance crew uses zero fertilizer or pesticides in the preparation of the turf and uses a stingy irrigation system.

But golfers are not keep on eating grass, after all, so the true "edibility" of Irie Fields comes from the numerous species of fruit trees that dot the property.

Depending on the time of year when you visit, your caddie will advise you not only on how to play the course, but which fruits are in season as well.

Orchard Creek Golf Course - Altamont, N.Y.

Along similar lines to Irie Fields but on a considerably less grandiose scale, Orchard Creek is a pleasant public golf course just south of Schenectady in Upstate New York, designed by Paul Cowley.

The layout is fun in its own right, with each hole named after the variety of apple available just off the fairway. Well-known varieties Red Delicious (#2), Golden Delicious (#8) and Gala (#14) are represented, as are the less-known but still tasty Spy (#6), Stayman (#10) and Milton (#17).

Our favorite hole/apple combination is the par-5 18th, called "Macoun," with a stream forming something of a moat around the green.

Tobago Plantations Golf Course - Tobago

At just over 700 miles from the Equator, Trinidad and Tobago's scenery is dominated by palm trees. On a trip there some years ago, I was paired with top area golfer Carlos "Sexy" Barnes. While we were on the range before the round, he laid his club down, strode over to a nearby coconut palm, plucked a coconut off the tree, hacked it open, and took a drink. It makes those yellow-and-red water coolers seem awfully pedestrian, doesn't it?

Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Orlando - Orlando, Fla.

The neighboring Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, is very proud of its commitment to farm-to-table cuisine at its main restaurants, Norman's and Highball & Harvest. Many of the fruits and vegetables come from the on-site Whisper Creek Farms.

And if you veer just to the left of the sixth tee at the Greg Norman-designed course, you'll see one of the vegetable gardens. I'm not saying you should hop the fence and pick a pepper or tomato off one of the plantings, but you could if you were so inclined.

Have you visited any golf courses that might be considered "edible" in the same way as the ones we discussed? Please share your own "edible golf" experiences below!

Craig Better is one of the founding editors of Golf Vacation Insider. In addition to traveling to 15 foreign countries, he has twice traveled across America to play golf courses in all 50 United States. Prior to joining Golf Vacation Insider, Craig was a freelance writer who contributed to GOLF Magazine, Travel + Leisure Golf, Maxim Magazine, USAToday.com, and co-authored Zagat Survey’s book, America’s Top Golf Courses.
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We have a course in Jacksonville"Windsor Park" quite a good track. There is a MacDonald's after the 7th hole which happens to be a 440yard 'whopper'! A coke and fries is also a helpful refresher! LK

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There are many golf courses in the Philippines that are also edible. You can chose from mango, durian, cashew, coconuts

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Applewood Hills in Stillwater Minnesota an executive course, is built in an apple orchard. It's not especially challenging, but it is a great place to play in the spring when the trees are in bloom (the fragerence is great) and in the fall golfers are encouraged to pick and eat, before the deer get to them.

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Apple Greens Golf Course in New Paltz, NY is another place where one can have an apple with their birdies.

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Mingo Springs Golf Course in Rangeley, Maine, is lined with apple trees, which produce small but very tasty apples. You also encounter deer grazing on the fairways and even on the greens, as the course is in a nature preserve. Beautiful views, too.

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At the resort course of Orange Lake in Kissimmee, Fl. While playing through the Orange nine many a time I picked and ate a delicious orange. You actually played through an orange grove. A fence has been built now to keep most from the grove. But there are still lots of orange trees on property. You also are right against Animal Kingdom from Disney. So watch for giraffe heads peeking over the fence as you play by.

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Lots of courses in FLorida with orange groves alongside the fairways, some of which produced edible oranges.

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Apple Ridge near Mahwah in New Jersey has been created in what used to be Clint Carlough's orchard. Not the greatest test of golf but very tight and in summer you can eat all you pick but not allowed to take home.Lived nearby for 2 years and enjoyed the golf but the tipping was ridiculous. Had to arrive every time with about $20 in loose bill,s to keep everyone happy. Any complaints to Clint and you got your dues back and were kicked out of the club - thank god for member clubs in the U.K.

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Carambola Resort on St. Croix has lots of carambola (star fruit !) trees that offered us snacks last Christmas Eve day!

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Near Traverse City Michigan, this course has cherry trees which are great in season.

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