Compact golf courses have become very fashionable now, with people wanting a golf game in half the time. Just add the new Hybrid "compact distance" golf ball by Pointfive Golf and you can have the "lite game" with less frustration on smaller golf facilities. It's the same golf experience in a smaller time saving package.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway "Brickyard Crossing"

brickyardcrossing [dot] com

Stuart Gilbert

As a member of Musselburgh old links course I can state that it wasn't built inside anything. Rather the racecourse was added over the existing course (resulting in the shortening of some of the holes). The course does cross the racetrack a few times and after racing has been on any ball that does not make it over the track can land in some pretty deep hoof prints - fortunately GUR rule applies. Playing at the old course is pretty cheap considering the history of the place and it would almost be cheaper to join for a year on a 7 day membership than it is to play every day for a week.

George Armitage

I Play regularly with my society of 30 plus members at the golf course inside the Grand National Course at Aintree Liverpool. It is a 9 hole course and is reputed to be the longest 9 hole course in Europe


Leopardstown golf course in Dublin Ireland is 18 holes inside Leopardstown Race Course. Also driving range ,shop and restaurant ! Great value and can be played in 9 hole loops if time is precious.


There is a full 18 hole 6194m par 72 golf course inside the Greyville race track in Durban, South Africa. The course doesn't have many trees but is made tough by the rough and, because it is not protected, by the wind on most days.

Ft McNair in DC had a 9holer at the base. Generals and such would park there vehicles along the streets,. Don't know what they were thinking. I am sure that many a windshield was payed for by the taxpayer.

Nita Johnson

Maybe if they let the prisoners play golf on the course they built they would learn a lot about life's real experiences. How to win, and smile: how to lose and smile. How to persevere and be determined and find joy in hitting that little wnite ball. Nita


Leopardstown Golf Centre in Dublin .Ireland is in the middle of a Horse Racecourse . Flat , beginner friendly and not expensive

Wm Wilson

The Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club in Mysore, India (built in 1905) is located both in and around the Mysore Race Club.