Any chance of an update on this story ?
Neil Klassen
We use to play all the courses on that island every year in December, January and February, but traveling by air to the USA has stopped us from going to the USA for golf, we now travel to the Caribbean for golf, we always played there up to 2011, and traveling by plane just became to difficult, we had 40 or more in our traveling party annually, in Canada we can’t play all year, we always played in Florida for 3 months, the last time we played that course, all of Florida was under a frost warning in February 2011, we never traveled anywhere in the USA to golf again, flying over top of Florida to the Caribbean is much easier,, so do whatever you like to do to our favourite golf courses on that island, We are again playing in the Caribbean as we speak, Thanks for the memories, but good bye!!
I played the course in 2017 and was looking forward to making the trip and playing it every year. That first look of the ocean sneaks up on you, and is spectacular. I'm looking forward to returning in 2019.
"Memberships That Pay" Wherever 'Initiation Fees', be it "Equity" or "non Equity" are treated as, "fully refundable deposited funds" the membership is never exposed to abuses such as we now see happening between Omni / Amelia Island Plantation Resort & its Equitable Members. Truth be told, in 2007, the membership of AIPR was presented with the philosophy of managing memberships, it declined the services saying, 'that can't be legal'. A decade, 100 courses & thousands of managed memberships later The Golf Firm / Pin Seeker Members is creating & delivering revenues w/o front-end load to its members. And we'd love to do the same for 'Amelia Island Equity Club'...or, should the club wish a buyer who respects their equity positions we'd appreciate that opportunity.
Great article
Nice course, glad to see it may return. Kind of a whacky layout but always a challenge, especially the oceanside holes!
Hurray for golf. Too many courses closing due to greed.
Justice prevails! The Ocean Course is fun and a good test for all golfers. Looking forward to playing it again in October '19!
Is this course open to the public or members only? Thanks.
1000 rounds was member play only, not including Omni guest or public play. Members of the Amelia Island club have a fully private course (Long Point) which is the primary play venue. However, access to a high-quality semi-private course could be very important to the club to support outings at Long Point, club events, or long-term course maintenance.
You can be guaranteed that Omni is not in the business to build a park for all residents. Their sole goal is to build more condos to make more money. That's what all hotel companies do. They don't build parks. So I call BS on Omni saying their intent was to build a park. If that's what they wanted they wouldn't have tried to bulldoze it without telling anyone.
While I agree with your overall sentiment regarding hotel properties in general, I do not think they can expand the building operations and this is a cost-saving measure. It is a lot less expensive to maintain a park than a golf course. The course stated 1000 rounds last year which is pathetic. I have no idea who is permitted to play, but if guests only, I would definitely play the Dye course instead. With a park, they can allow the public to use it and as with most every oceanfront property, charge for parking, and make a lot more money.