Best of 2017: Top 5 golf courses in Arkansas according to reviews

Golf Advisor is looking back on the top-rated courses in each state for 2017 according to your ratings and reviews. Golf courses needed to receive at least one review from an active and trusted member in the calendar year to be considered eligible for our state lists. To view more details on how we compile our best-of lists, visit our Top 50 U.S. Courses list.

Arkansas golf courses reviewed in 2017: 47
Total reviews of Arkansas golf courses in 2017: 241

Top 5 courses in Arkansas in 2017

5. Marion Golf & Athletic Club


4. Ponce De Leon Golf Course

Hot Springs Village

3. Indian Hills Golf Resort

Fairfield Bay

2. Granada Golf Course

Hot Springs Village

1. Magellan Golf Course

Hot Springs Village

Feb 14, 2018

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