10 years ago, I spent a year caddying at May River in Bluffton, SC with Caddiemaster. Such a fantastic experience, from the initial vetting process, to the on course training, to the safety meetings, to integrating with fellow caddies and resort guests. Great fun and professionally managed. You're outside with the game you enjoy, getting a great workout and getting paid. I hope to do it again one day.


Best times of my life!! Started being a looper/ bag rat at the age of 16 at The Pepper Pike Club in Cleveland, Oh. The caddie master at the time was a tough yet fair man named Ernie. If you were on his good side you loved him like a father, if you screwed up a loop, or did something he did not like, you were told stay home for a couple of days or given the Big 4 loop(4 members with the combined age of 320!!) We were allowed to play on Mondays, but you had better be done by noon(not 12:05!!) I learned every cuss word, and listened to older caddies tell their stories from the night before!! Our caddy yard was filled with some great nicknames, the rat, blindman, hot dog, iron legs and terrible tempered Terry.(me) Looking back on those days brings back a flood of memories and a smile on my face. When I turned 21 it was time to get a real job, now I am a P.G.A. Professional. Funny how things work out.

Dick Mc D

Check out

Another aspect of development for soldiers trying to get back to a normal reality.

Dick McDermott

John A

Great article Brad! My home club does not have a caddie program...they tried it a few years ago but couldn't get enough members to give up their carts. I am also a national member at Olympia Fields and recently played up there with the help of a nice young man from Cork, Ireland. He, along with several other Irish lads (and lasses?) were here working for the summer. On a recent 2-week trip to Scotland, I happened into a similar group of young caddies at the Dunvegan Inn in St. Andrews. There were guys from New Zealand, Canada, Austria and several other countries, all working as caddies for the summer at the various clubs and resorts. It occurred to me that this would be a great learning and life experience for these young people...wish I could have done something like that when I was their age. While playing with a caddie is a great experience (most of the time), I do think there is a price point where the use of a caddie will make the round of golf too expensive. On most of the rounds in Scotland and Ireland, $80-$100 would easily cover the base fee and the tip. When the cost gets up to $125-$130, I think you are reaching the level where the average golfer is going to consider alternatives.


Great article, it sounds like my childhood! All the aspects of growing up are all so true that everyone who has not looped, should have to read this. The value of being a looper is—- Priceless!!

Dennis Caddie Cone

Great Story Bradley and proud to be in the Hall of Fame with you sir.... HOF committee is Seeking nominations for the HOF - Male & Female - Keep up the great work and Please open our links to see our heartbeat to help the Kids, Veterans & Grow the game ---


The simple fact is that with the cost of the golf itself - having a caddie makes it a very pricey round.

David Wilson

No mention of Dennis Cone, who founded the Professional Caddy Association and the Caddy Hall of Fame at World Golf Village. Now part of the Western Golf Association. No one has done more for caddies. I had the honor of serving on the original Board along with Jan Stephenson.


And I was thinking what a great way to teach young people about honesty, integrity, acceptance and forgiveness.

The Evans, Long Island And East Lake Caddie programs have provided opportunities through work that are scarce in this day of ‘protecting’ young people from the evils of youth labor.

I remember my summer jobs fondly, although I may not have thought so at the time.


You folks need to start telling the truth along with this worthwhile promotion.
Unfortunately, as long as we have greedy corrupt trash stealing all the money like publicly traded corporations and the the garbage in the White house, this caddie revival being talked about will run into a wall early on as most people have a hard enough time paying green fees!
Also if the adverse effects of climate change continue (Most Likely), and are denied by the corrupt rich and their lobbyists we will have less and less good days to actually enjoy this great sport.