No matter what the club,, it's about your swing,,,
Swing slow,, watch the ball to make good contact and don't try to be great,,,
Remember, we are amateurs !!!


What is the difference between this driver and the Gx7 driver ? I couldn’t hit the GX7 driver and returned it .


Are there options for club lgth?
Currently playing 43inch
and love the control


I, too, am a bit of a skeptic, since some of the equipment I've bought through TV ads has proved to be worthless. The TV ads for this product really intrigued me, and the comments here have really piqued my interest. I'm 70 and my swing speed is between 70 and 80. Would love to try the product IF ONLY they had a left-handed version. Have a Fujikara stiff shaft on my old Cleveland driver, so might order with that. Any suggestions?


Playing for 2 years and just couldn’t hit my 3w off the fairway. I have taken the tless out twice now and so far it’s amazing. Easy to hit and the ball actually takes flight! Game changer for me so far and had a lot more fun because it feels ands sounds great making contact with the ball. The shaft is longer than my 3w so thought I would have trouble handling it but found the right ball position(lined up with left foot)and use the same swing as with my irons and it picks it right off the ground! Tried it as a driver off the tee but miss hit it every time. Will try it again on the range with teeing the ball up lower. The ground is actually your friend!


I'm interested in finding out more about price, cost, ordering info, measurements, etc.


When will a left hand model be out?


A circular crack has appeared in the crown despite only playing 15 to 20 rounds since purchased in November. Anyone else with the same problem


Like others I have been some what suckered in to the infomercials for gimmick clubs and have bought and retuned more than I have kept, Moon Wood being one I returned. I was intrigued however when I saw a segment from the PGA show in Orlando on Golf Channel and was suckered in to buying the Teeless Driver. I am a 12 handicap and like many others I have tried to buy a swing. I have not yet been able to put this into play in a round but have used it at two range sessions. The head is not much smaller than my Epic but sits much lower. I did not have high expectations before my first swing, however I was amazed how easy it was to hit. Off the ground, teed very low, it is easy to get in the air. My typical ball flight is low and this gets it high. Outside a couple of my usual bad swings most of the shots were high and straight. Unfortunately for me it is not close to my distance with driver or even my three wood, but I am removing my five wood as the control is so much better. Due to my low ball flight I do get a lot of distance on roll out, and this club hits it high so the distance is definitely shorter. However I loved how easy it is to hit and I think it will be a keeper. I will update this post after I have put it into play a few rounds.

One last thing, there is nothing cheap looking about this club. Headcover is premium, premium Fujikuri shaft and Lamkin grip and the very good looking club head. I think this “gimmick” club will surprise many.

Ernest Gill

What’s the price