Mary Liepold

Golf is a game of integrity. What on earth is happening lately? This recent LPGA incident, plus Sergio’s sand fit, Byson’s beating the greens, and JB’s incredibly slow play hurt the entire industry. Where are the leaders?


It is amazing to me the the current group of players make Jack Nicklaus of 60'S and 70's look like a speed demon. I can recall being at US Opens, Masters, PGAs, thinking to myself "just hit the putt!. Tee to green you noticed it less because he seemed to prepare himself while waiting for the other players to ready themselves. It did seem like like we were always waiting on Jack but it was because of his length advantage. It is ridiculous that it takes 2 pros to exceed 3.5 hours to play. They rarely have to look for balls, they have incredibly well
prepared caddies, and they are for the most parts hitting it 72 times or less. Put in a enforced 1 minute rule to start when it is their time to play with a 2 stroke penalty after the 3 violation..


I agree, there needs to be more sever punishment for out of control behavior. If you damage the golf course maybe suspended and fined.
As for back stopping, I have to wonder if you are pitching to a hole that's twice as large as the golf ball, the odds of hitting the hole vs the ball ?


There have always been hotheads in sport. Slow play is simply aggravating.

What seems to be missing are the steadying influences. Would Palmer, Nicklaus or Player have allowed the younger players to continue in this vein? I’m disturbed with damage to the golf course but horrified by the extended middle finger provided by the Watson video.

Spoiled brats with no concept of decorum should be spanked not reprimanded. Stop pounding on your high chairs boys and grow up!


I ranger every year here in Council Bluffs, Iowa and when a player is caught deliberately destroying the course we let them know they are done, they are not the owner and the $25.00 rent they paid doesn't allow them to tear up the course. We realize that it wasn't their abilities that caused the missed putt, probably the greens condition, but they are not a "PRO" so they must leave"NO REFUND"!! Not only do the pros have access to courses we can only dream of and no greens fees they can wear anything they want. Try taking 6 hours to play at our course and you will be skipping plenty of holes. SUGGESTION, Mr. pro next time you miss a putt or hit a bad shot take a look at your bank statement if that doesn't help try using your college degree to get a real job .


Hello: Speaking of slow play, Dustin and Rory on Sunday burned well over 10 minutes in Mexico with their appeals that their stances were obstructed by the cart path. To Rory's further dis-credit, he was not being quite fair about the situation on his potential forehand shot. From his stance with one foot on the path, you could see on TV that he was not able to put his club on the ball. The larger issue: what a waste of time. (BTW: why is the Rules Official not close by, especially re the leading group. More wasted time. Was he having his coffee break?) Bottom line: where the nature of the golfer's foot on the path, or other impediment, is not "important" to the situation (i.e. is not going to have a genuinely negative effect) then this old rule should be dis-allowed. Dustin would not have received a freebie under this proposal. No free drop, no time wasted. A simple change in favour of speed of play.


Damage and all the frustration aside, it's the slow play that really trickles down to us average players on a daily and weekly basis. Now most hackers think it's okay to emulate the professional golfers, with the following thought process. "If they can do it, then so can I". I thought the USGA & R&A, were in agreement on the 40 second shot rule, and would enforce it with stroke penalties, which we all now know isn't happening. What dumbfounds me along with the aforementioned, is the time the pros take once they reach the green. I have timed some players at 2 to 3 minutes, or longer before actually making the putting stroke. Everyone complains about how slow the game is becoming, but little action being applied to speed up the pace of play.


Make the game more difficult for them. Do do something about the balls to reduce distance. Make the greens more difficult. Penalties only in the form of strokes plus money. One stroke can make the difference. Play the ball where it lies. Free drops only in GUR situations. Male the rules more simple. Half of them is rubbish.

Greg Leddy

The solution is to suspend these brats for 4-5 events for each physical infraction, including cursing (it’s picked up in the sound feed and broadcasts into our homes). It’s sad to see the game being ruined by lack of ethics. Their habits are mimicked by the public. Let’s protect our last remaining sport of gentlepersons. Even the commentators cross the line with off color comments.


Hmm. I don’t know how Amy Olson and Ariya can be added to this discussion. Bryson and Sergio were rich punks acting like 10 year olds. I was a fan of Bryson still he did this. Sergio blames it on his competive nature, but it’s underperforming and choking that he is known for. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to lose. But when you are influencing the younger generation playing the game with reruns of all of this negative behavior, the PGA is the enabler. Shame on them.