Robert John Blair

This post is sadly out of date. Accommodations at the Cabot courses are top notch and they have made it a destination of choice and quality. Most of these posts could be refreshed as they diy, as currently posted, a disservice to the places mentioned

JasonDeeganGA Staff

I never wrote that the Cabot accommodations were poor, merely noted that the island lacked a wealth of quality places to stay for golfers.

Frank N

I think you missed the best public course in the Toronto area- Eagle's Nest. Tremendous Doug Carrick design, can't think of any other course to compare it to.


Thank you for the info on the great courses of Canada.We are extremely proud of our courses.Your section on drawbacks is certainly not necessary.They are meaningless.Playing with French speaking people is part of travelling to a different country and culture.This is why in our travels to play golf in Portugal and New Zealand we have never played with any Americans.


Just a footnote that both Cabot courses are better than there cousin courses at Bandon. Just to quantify I have been to both locations 2 times.

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

They are definitely comparable 1-2 punches. I think what separates Cabot from Bandon is the little gem up the Cabot Trail in Ingonish.

Jim Dandy

Please update this list as both courses at Kananaskis were reopened in 2018 . I played one last May and it was in fabulous shape. Total cost of renovations was 18 million.

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

Thanks Jim. Updated. One of our writers is headed there this summer.


This 2014 article needs some Kananaskis in the Alberta Rockies, it can be reported that all 36 holes have reopened in 2018, and together with the other courses in the region, plus proximity to Calgary with its good airport connections, make this part of Alberta one of the highlight areas for golf.


Toronto-Glen Abbey Golf Course, hosting the Canadain Open in 2000 and 2009....I don't think so, try 28 opens!!!. It is Canada's most famous golf course and, for nearly 40 years,has been home to Golf Canada and the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. It has hosted 28 Canadian Open Championships, more than any other course, with the first having been in 1977. Many historic sports achievements have occurred on thiscourse, including a shot by PGA star Tiger Woods regarded as the mostspectacular both of Woods' career and in recent PGA Tour history

JasonDeeganGA Staff

Thank you for the feedback. The article has been updated.