Where do I buy this from

Fred Brattain

A couple of comments. First anything that speeds up play is great. Golf should never take more than 3.5-4 hours and we have gotten away from that terribly in the last 10 years or so.

More important, the single rider carts that are available for people with physical challenges are not prevalent because the majority of golf course owners do not understand the HUGE market that they could be tapping by making their golf courses more accessible.

WE are a foundation dedicated to making that happen. If you are interested in what we are about, or are interested in possibly helping with this cause, please visit our website at www.DisabilityGolfer.com

Thank you,
Fred Brattain
Director Of Instruction and CEO

Michael Mazza

Hello all.
I am Michael Mazza the GM of Bridgeburg Golf. We are the manufacture of the Turf
Chopper as seen in that youtube video. This site and discussion was brought to my
attention and having read all the previous comments thought I would just take a
second and answer a few of the questions and shed a little light on them.

The Turf Chopper's inventor designed the original back in 2005, not for market but because he is a diehard golfer who had a bad back and was not able to walk 18 holes nor get in and out of a golf cart for 18 either. He made it so that he could walk as long as he could and when his back would start to seize up he could ride the remainder of the course.
It was so popular he and another local business man in Fort Erie Canada decided to
develop the Turf Chopper brand, which began in 2006.
These Turf Choppers have been extensively tested through out the world with great success.
Question of stability; It's very stable. I could talk about split differentials and all the built in safety features of the motor/transaxle, which are the same as what is in electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, the low centre of gravity or the split leaf spring system but I'm not going too.
It is a motor vehicle and the same caution and care should be taken as if operating any motor vehicle anywhere. Of course these do require some commonsense so if you do not have any you maybe shouldn't use one or any thing for that matter.

There was some mention regarding a cover and drink holders. They are all options available to the Turf Chopper. Also there are available storage bag accessories.

The Price of a Turf Chopper is only $1900. Far less the even a used golf cart and around the price of some of those remote walking caddies.
So do the math. You are getting a single rider electric golf cart and a walk behind bag caddy in one. Also will be fully remote controlled soon as an option.
They are much cheaper to maintain and charge.
They are much more turf friendly the standard carts.
Take 4 time less space to store.
Easy to take with you anywhere.
If you really want more info give Bridgeburg Golf a call. We would be more then happy to explain this great product and answer any questions you may have..
Thanks for reading.


This would be a good thing if the price wasn't so high. For 4 grand I could purchase a moped or a scooter and have money left over to play Peeble Beach, the Trump Course and several other upper end golf courses.


I think these look kind of neat, would certainly try one. If I really liked it I may think about purchasing one. Looks like a neat idea maybe it will catch on, would be kind of nice if it did, because golf carts are heavier and probably do more damage to the course. Also can walk with us or ride which makes it more universal. I think it is a good idea and would like to see them around


How dependable is the battery? How strong is it on inclines? How safe is the braking system? How reliable is the bag holding?

If all of these questions come in favorable then yes I would like to try one.


I saw this on the golf show coverage and couldn't find it I enjoy walking but this would still give you exercise and save the legs some on the hills. I don't know how many courses would allow if you happened to buy one of these. They all want their trail fee or something especially at the public courses. How much they would charge would be a problem plus the legal part if someone fell off and tried to say it was their neglect


I often find myself struggling with the shear size of a cart. More times than not do I suffer from a head bump on the top of the golf cart, or who every I am playing with at the time won't be paying attention and try to drive away before I am fully inside the cart resulting in an awkward grab rail up the backside. I think that these little stand-alone and ride carts would be a change of pace. They would make chasing after, and retrieving your ball a heck of a lot easier in my book. I would have concerns about how smooth of a ride they would offer though. There is nothing I hate more than listening to my clubs smacking against each other in the back of a rough golf cart.


It's the pro or course operator who will decide. If he can make money with his arrangement he has with the course then yes. I would as an individual rent one as I HATE golf carts but now at 71 I more or less have to rent a cart. I can also see more use in the warm climates as there is no provision for rain or colder weather.

Mike Carpenter

I know a lot of us noticed that it seems a little under powered taking the steep grades. So, is there power upgrades?

I also noticed or didn't see the need for cup holders in the video. I would need a place for cup holders and maybe a place for a cooler. Maybe there is a trailer thats in development to haul the cooler that many courses I go to rent out.

Just a thought!!!