David Ferris

Don't forget Granite Links, which took all of the dirt from Boston's Big Dig, had a similar price tag to Ferry Point.


I'd pay $500 (or is it $600 now?) to play Shadow Creek... once. Same for Pebble Beach. I dropped good money to play the four in Kohler this year and I'll do it again to hit up Bandon. They are "bucket list" for a reason and I'm going to kick it sooner rather than later.


I'm just going to enjoy the match, played on a course most of would never see otherwise. And by the way, the side bet money- which there is one already made on the first hole for $200k- will go to charity. Thanks for the article, which includes some very enlightening golf course history.


How about Stone Eagle in Palm Desert by Tom Doak? I believe that one cost well over $100 million when it was built in the early 2000s, then foreclosed upon, and now owned by a group of investors including Charles Koch? One of the most visually spectacular courses I've ever played!


Nice piece Brad. Great info on the classic course costs.




Beauty, as they say is in the eye of the beholder.
Love playing the pricey tracks and my local munis.
If the Augusta National and Pine Valley of the world ever have an entry fee...sign me up!


This is a minor issue but what is "decomposed granite"? My geology coursework showed granite to be a nonorganic material, solid granite may erode into sand but it certainly does not rot.


I'm much more impressed by the work of David McLay Kidd's work at Machrahanish Dunes on the Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland. They disturbed only 7 of the 260 acres on the course during construction. There was no seeding, they just mowed the existing grasses to shape fairways. The bunkers were natural scrapes built by the giant hares that roam the property. There was no heavy equipment used during its building. I'm not suggesting every course be this natural, but it shows how overboard American course design has become.


The Tiger-Phil match would have some value if they were playing for a favorite charity (Tigers Foundation or Breast Cancer Research) rather than making two fabulously wealthy pro-athletes get closer to billionaire status.


Going back to the 1980’s, I would
Suggest that Perry Hollow GC in New Durham NH would fit the bill. It had a
Wonderful putting green that was over an achre in size . The green is now gone and the course is renamed
Lake Winnepauskee C C.