Mistwood Golf Club Chef Dan Casey and his staff are going to awfully busy on the Fourth of July making hot dogs. (Courtesy of Mistwood Golf Club) According to Tim Gavrich, the hot dog at Crestbrook Park in Connecticut is pretty much heaven on earth. (Tim Gavrich/Golf Advisor) The perfect combo: a cold beer with a foot-long hot dog at Annbriar Golf Club in Waterlook, Ill., near St. Louis. (Mike Bailey/Golf Advisor)

Spectacular links: Our favorite golf course hot dogs

Although some called them frankfurters, in reference to their German sausage roots, there are few things more American than the hot dog.

Most of us really aren't even sure what's in a hot dog, which is probably a good thing. What I am sure of is that when they’re made right, have the right toppings, and they are truly hot (temperature-wise, at least), they are pretty much the perfect food at the turn at any golf course.

A good hot dog generally goes down in just a few bites, and if you've mastered the technique of putting on the right condiments on in just the right amount, they need not be messy. Of course, some of them are. A chili dog out of hand can ruin a white golf shirt, so be careful.

My favorite kind of hot dog, hands-down, is the Chicago Dog. While you can get these in most parts of the country, the best place to find them, of course, is in the Windy City. An authentic Chicago Dog is made with Vienna Beef hot dogs (the company is celebrating its 125th year) and comes with bright green relish, chopped white onions, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers, yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt. And yes, I do realize I've contradicted myself if I list the complicated Chicago Dog as a perfect golf course food, but they're just so darn good. Since a true Chicago Dog is probably too messy, therefore I usually go for a slightly dressed-down version on the golf course.

At Cog Hill Golf Clubl in Lemont, Ill., you can get exactly that in what is known as the Cog Dog. With four courses on property, the club sells tons of Cog Dogs. They go well with local craft beers as well.

Just down the road near Joliet, the folks at Mistwood Golf Club are even more ambitious with their dog-making this year. Mistwood, which has one of the best food and beverage departments of any daily fee I've ever visited, is planning to set a world record for hot dogs on the Fourth of July during their a hyper-patriotic "Stars & Stripes" tournament. They're going to line up more than 1,200 hot dogs in an effort to break the Guinness Book of World Records mark of the longest continuous line of cooked hot dogs, which stands at 1,157 feet (held by Nakakyushu Kubota of Japan).

"There are few things more American than the hot dog," said Jim Koklas, food and beverage director at Mistwood Golf Club. "And we decided it is time to bring this record home. As a nation founded on ingenuity and industriousness, we're also very good at lining things up. On behalf of all Americans we are going to reclaim this title on July 4th, guaranteed."

So if you've got nothing better to do and are in the Chicago area on July 4, head over to Mistwood GC by 2 p.m. to witness the attempt and maybe get a free hot dog or two. I think they're going to need some help eating them.

A hot dog for everyone

While Vienna Hot Dogs are the way to go in Chicago, the hot dog can take on all kinds of looks and tastes in other parts of the country. In the south (especially Texas), they love to put jalapenos on their dogs. In the northeast, it might be Nathan's or Hebrew National, perfect with a great variety of condiments and toppings. (This is where I need to mention that ketchup cannot be one of the toppings unless you're under 12 years of age.)

My colleague Tim Gavrich, who is probably the best stick on the Golf Advisor staff, has his favorite, and he goes to great lengths to describe it.

The heavenly hot dog at Crestbrook The heavenly hot dog at Crestbrook (Tim Gavrich/Golf Advisor)

"Having grown up in Connecticut, home to some of America's best hot dogs (Capitol Lunch in New Britain, a town known for its Polish population, is sublime), I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur," Gavrich said. "On a recent trip to the state of my birth, I played Crestbrook Park Golf Course, a nice-enough muni in the town of Watertown. In a state with a lot of excellent public-course dogs, this was frankly the best I’ve had: oversized, laid in a top-split and lightly toasted bun and of local provenance. In addition to the normal condiments - including raw onions and sauerkraut - there were two relishes: the normal green one and a slightly spicy red one, which complimented the mustard perfectly. All for $3."

Annbriar's foot-long wiener Annbriar's foot-long wiener

A fine course I played yesterday, in fact, sells a pretty fair wiener as well. Down in Waterloo, Ill., just outside of St. Louis, Annbriar Golf Club does a foot-long dog from nearby Wenneman's Meat Market. They pair it with a fresh, buttery bun from nearby Anhe's Bakery. It might be the most popular lunch item on the menu.

Hot dogs, loosely defined

Of course, not all hot dogs are technically hot dogs, but we're going to talk about them anyway.

In Wisconsin, for example, the choice should probably be a Johnsonville bratwurst over a regular dog. After all, that's what they do really well (in addition to beer, of course). I had more than one of these when I played the courses at Destination Kohler, including one at the Irish pub in the Whistling Straits clubhouse. My choice of toppings was simple: stoneground mustard (you don't do yellow mustard with a brat), and sauerkraut.

And on the west coast, you'll find one of the most famous non-wiener hot dogs of all time: the burger dog. You can get these at a couple golf courses, most notably, the Olympic Club, which has been the site of five U.S. Opens. You'll also find them at Silverado Golf Resort, just up the road in the Napa Valley.

It's basically a hamburger shaped sort of like a hot dog, served in a hot dog bun. It's actually been around since Hot Dog Bill's, a small, family-owned business owned by Bill and Billie Parrish, started serving them in 1950 in a mobile hamburger trailer in the San Francisco Bay Area. They often stationed their trailer at Lake Merced close to the Lake Course at Olympic, and soon caddies began crossing the flume to purchase food for the members. Due to the Burger Dog's popularity, they were invited to move their trailer permanently onto the Olympic Club’s property, and the rest has been history.

So many golf courses, so many weenies. We're always looking for recommendations, so tell us about your favorite golf course hot dogs with us in the comment section below!

Jul 03, 2018

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Larry Mackin's avatar
Larry Mackin wrote at 2018-07-06 21:43:22+00:00:

Thunder Dog at the Phoenix Open run by the Thunderbirds can't be beat just west of the driving range on the way to 16

Nelson DeBow's avatar
Nelson DeBow wrote at 2018-07-06 01:06:25+00:00:

PGA Golf Club Port St.Lucie Best ever !!!!!!!

Joe Tango's avatar
Joe Tango wrote at 2018-07-05 15:07:26+00:00:

Farmstead Golf Club in Lafayette, NJ for me.

Scott Brooks's avatar
Scott Brooks wrote at 2018-07-04 23:05:49+00:00:

Charlotte National Golf Club

Tim's avatar
Tim wrote at 2018-07-04 22:07:32+00:00:

Just down the hill from Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY, and less than a mile to Mamaroneck High School is Walter's, Purveyor of the Best Hot Dogs in the U.S.A.!

bobsweel@gmail.com's avatar
bobsweel@gmail.com wrote at 2018-07-04 20:10:18+00:00:

Put the red relish on your hot dog at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club in Williamsburg, Va. Enough eaid

Alan 's avatar
Alan wrote at 2018-07-04 18:45:36+00:00:

Rochester NY is the home of the White Hot, aka pork hot. . Many golf courses sell them at the turn. Speciality restaurants on the lake in and around Rochester feature hots. The toppings are various. Grocery stores sell them also but they are hard to find outside of a fifty mile radius. Some ex Rochester residents import them in at a high cost. They are that good.

Tim's avatar
Tim wrote at 2018-07-08 10:37:37+00:00:

I sure do love a good zweigles !

John 's avatar
John wrote at 2018-07-04 18:36:09+00:00:

Pearl Hot Dogs at Shaker Hills in Harvard, MA. Best in Boston!!!!

Bill Zeoli's avatar
Bill Zeoli wrote at 2018-07-05 12:23:54+00:00:

Pearl "Kountry Klubs" are the best, golf course or no golf course.

George's avatar
George wrote at 2018-07-04 17:39:31+00:00:

Too often, the most memorable part of my round At Olympic Club is the burger dog! Simply the best!

Nick Cretella's avatar
Nick Cretella wrote at 2018-07-04 17:30:09+00:00:

Wallingford Country Club ( Private) in Wallingford CT , up the street from Choate School and not vey far from Yale , offers the best "at the turn" respite anywhere. Hummel Brothers natural casing frankfurter done just right on their charcoal style grill. You can find Hummel dogs anywhere but their must be something about that grill!

John's avatar
John wrote at 2018-07-04 16:49:28+00:00:

A Seattle-style hot dog, sometimes referred to as a Seattle Dog, is a hot dog topped with cream cheese and sauteed onions that is often sold from late night or game day food carts in Seattle.

Although the origins are not clear, it has been adopted as a regional variation. It is believed that the concept began in the Pioneer Square neighborhood in the late 1980s or early 1990s. One possible inventor is Hadley Longe who operated a bagel cart at night. He incorporated hot dogs on bialy sticks with cream cheese.

Seattle Dogs increased in popularity at bars and music venues during the grunge movement of the 1990s. They are now often sold at bars and their surrounding street vendors at night. They are also available at and near the city's sporting venues; and probably the best Seattle Dog I have found was at the Jackson Park Golf Course in North Seattle. A vendor told The Seattle Weekly that he believed large crowds visiting stands outside of Safeco Field during the Seattle Mariners 2001 (116–46)season was "the big boom" for the recipe. (Edited from Wikipedia)

John's avatar
John wrote at 2018-07-04 16:44:37+00:00:

How sad that you did not even mention any of the courses in Southern California… Riviera host of the LA open

Torrey Pines, host of the US open

Hoffy hotdogs… An LA-based company

Just because the National Brands do a lot of advertising... don’t leave out the regional brands...All across the country

Charles's avatar
Charles wrote at 2018-07-04 15:56:42+00:00:

I know that they were never near a golf course, but does anybody remember Lums? Hot dogs cooked in beer...now that is the best of both worlds!

Jennifer's avatar
Jennifer wrote at 2018-07-08 10:59:18+00:00:

Too bad they are out of business. I wonder what happened to them?

Rowdy's avatar
Rowdy wrote at 2018-07-04 15:40:16+00:00:

The Very Best Hot Dog in golf is at The SpyGlass Grill in Pebble Beach. As a kid, I would save my dimes and ride my bike there just to have this treat.

Nick Cretella's avatar
Nick Cretella wrote at 2018-07-04 17:33:41+00:00:

What a lucky guy you were to be able to ride your bike on the peninsula !! For me it's an hour car ride a 6 hour flight and a two hour drive plus time at airports and rental counters, but hot dog notwithstanding ,that may be the most beautiful area on the planet.

Rick Austin's avatar
Rick Austin wrote at 2018-07-04 15:34:45+00:00:

I personally haven't found a hot dog I didn't enjoy. It was something I enjoyed in my youth and I guess I relate hot dogs to good memories then and now.

Joaquin Gefaell's avatar
Joaquin Gefaell wrote at 2018-07-04 14:43:45+00:00:

Hi, folks and golf and hotdog lovers!

This is Joaquin writing from Spain. Granted, every single golf course with its restaurant in the USA will claim to produce your favorite, best hot dog in the country. This happens here in Spain with polpular dishes such as paella, tortilla de patata, pan con tomate, tapas, the list is endless. And indeed every single town, village, golf course, bar and restaurant claims to provide the best of all these typical meals, "the way grandma use to cook them". It does require a very fine palate to really decide which one is best, because they all are excellent versions of the stuff. At the end of the day, just go there, enjoy and go along and visit the next joint.

By the way, in my home town, Madrid, there are excellent places where to taste phenomenal hotdogs, many imported from the USA, like Chicago Hot Dogs, Feltman's, or one of my favorites, Galatea . If you need addresses, just in case you want to visit this fantastic city, please let me know. And yes, we do have excellent golf courses around the city, like my own Club, Club de Campo, who hosts 36 holes (9 of them designed by the beloved and dearly remembered Seve Ballesteros), plus 9 par 3's.

Having said this, I wish you all a great 4th of July, and great golf all year round!

With my best wishes,

Joaquín Gefaell

Rick Austin's avatar
Rick Austin wrote at 2018-07-04 15:30:48+00:00:


I enjoyed your comments and I agree. There are many great things we are allowed to enjoy due to our freedom. It is something I am very thankful for. I hope you enjoy your day with a good hot dog and a few holes of golf with friends.

Take care,

Rick Austin

Charles's avatar
Charles wrote at 2018-07-04 15:57:48+00:00:

Thank you for the well wishes Joaquin. Someday I hope to visit Spain. Seve was one of my favorites. Still is...

JL's avatar
JL wrote at 2018-07-04 14:43:11+00:00:

Not a frequent dog eater, but I look forward to playing the Woodstock golf course near the Wood stock Inn in VT just for the dog......it’s a messy must!

John Cregan's avatar
John Cregan wrote at 2018-07-04 14:31:32+00:00:

Growing up in Pinehurst, NC I used to play a lot of golf at the wonderful Donald Ross designed Pine Needles Lodge and Resort in Southern Pines. I used to get their "Slaw Dog" (hot dog with Cole slaw on top) at the halfway house on the 9th tee box. FANTASTIC!!

Warren Browne's avatar
Warren Browne wrote at 2018-07-04 14:27:23+00:00:

The Hot Dog at the course at Camp Pendelton, California. Best ever!

Dilligas's avatar
Dilligas wrote at 2018-07-04 14:19:39+00:00:

The best hotdogs are the ones available in several Central Florida courses.....they come with your green fee.

Doug McCann's avatar
Doug McCann wrote at 2018-07-04 14:11:47+00:00:

best chili dog -- halfway house at Southern Pines CC in Pinehurst NC. Homemade chili does it!!

Jerry's avatar
Jerry wrote at 2018-07-04 10:45:28+00:00:

I haven't been there in a couple of years but the Pearl in the Myrtle Beach area served up a hot dog with mustard, onions, tangy relish, chili and coleslaw. Wow!

Coop's avatar
Coop wrote at 2018-07-04 02:22:20+00:00:

Hey NJ mike, you mentioned some great places, but you left out Johnny & Hanges. they are right there with all of them, and maybe better then a few you mentioned. The only problem is none of them, including J & H are located at a golf course....

Gary Blanton's avatar
Gary Blanton wrote at 2018-07-04 02:11:55+00:00:

Don’t know if they still have this but the Dallas Cowboys golf course had these awesome dogs on the 10th hole.

Denny Shearer's avatar
Denny Shearer wrote at 2018-07-04 01:39:39+00:00:

Briarwood Golf Course in York, Pa. Best of the best.

JAY SCATTERGOOD wrote at 2018-07-04 01:37:48+00:00:

Miller golf club Summerville SC. I have not been there in years but they had the best hot dogs in an old steamer thingy with wrapped in tin foil buns. The topping was a chili type with no beans and you could put as much as you wanted. 2 would make it 1/2 way down the 10th hole. In my mind the best ever

Doug's avatar
Doug wrote at 2018-07-04 01:37:21+00:00:

Best dogs I have experienced is the fiesta dogs at the turn at Golden Oaks golf club in Fleetwood, PA.

Mike's avatar
Mike wrote at 2018-07-04 00:51:14+00:00:

Sorry guys but three of the all-time best are in NJ. 1st is Russ Ayers on Rt 130 between Bordentown and Trenton. No question still the best since when I was a little kid. 2nd is any Stewart's Root Beer Stand. Grilled with buttered Top sliced bun and in the old days car service with frosted mugs of the best root beer on the planet. 3rd Rut's Hut home of the original deep fried then grilled dog. Order 3 you will eat them all.

Keith Keating's avatar
Keith Keating wrote at 2018-07-04 00:41:11+00:00:

Best Golf Course Hotdog 2018 is Stony Plain, Alberta Canada

Phil calozzo's avatar
Phil calozzo wrote at 2018-07-03 23:25:06+00:00:

Gleneagles in Palos Park illinois

John Riordan's avatar
John Riordan wrote at 2018-07-03 23:19:35+00:00:

The best hot dogs we have had was at The Golden Horseshoe In Williamsburg, Virginia. The dogs were thick and juicy and they added chow chow relish. The best thing was that the golf course had 2 food stands every 6 holes. So you went by it numerous times on each nine. We had those dogs every time we came near the snack stands!

Pat's avatar
Pat wrote at 2018-07-03 23:04:34+00:00:

In metro Detroit it is the coney dog, bun, onions ,hot dog and chili. In Toledo Oh, it is the sausage, onions and chili from Tony Packo's.

Alan 's avatar
Alan wrote at 2018-07-04 18:54:50+00:00:

I lived in Macomb and the coney dogs were everywhere.

Hubcap's avatar
Hubcap wrote at 2018-07-03 22:24:03+00:00:

I’ve played gold and eaten dogs from sea to shining sea. The dog I could eat before the round, at the turn, and after the round is the chili dog at Tobacco Road in Sanford, NC, just north of Pinehurst. All other dogs shall kneel before the throne.

Chris 's avatar
Chris wrote at 2018-07-03 22:04:11+00:00:

If you happen to be in downtown Chicago and have a couple hours to kill. Grab your sticks and jump on Lakeshore drive and head to Sydney Marovitz(The locals still call it Waveland) golf course. Just finishing Green is flanked by the Clocktower restaurant. Great food for a public park district golf course managed by Billy Casper golf. Have a Chicago style hot dog with fries and a nice cold beer and watch the people behind you finish the final hole. It is what Chicago and golf is all about!.

marchinko's avatar
marchinko wrote at 2018-07-03 21:33:01+00:00:

Best hot dogs were at Mac's shack at the 13th hole, Springfield CC in West Springfield, MA. Tobin's First Prize hot dogs were cooked in oil for 15-20 minutes, then grilled to perfection. and the best part, the member you were caddying for always bought the food. Course caddy fees back then were $5.00/bag

Jay's avatar
Jay wrote at 2018-07-03 21:22:02+00:00:

IN Plattsburg,ny you can find the best hot dogs called Mishigan hot dogs .they are the best.there is a hamburg sause on top of your hot dog with mustard and topped with chop onions if you like..

John's avatar
John wrote at 2018-07-03 21:14:32+00:00:

The hot dog in the grill at the turn at The Club at New Seabury on Cape Cod. Best dog I have ever had, period.

Jay 's avatar
Jay wrote at 2018-07-03 20:32:26+00:00:

It was a while ago but Atlantis CC in Lantana, Fl.


j's avatar
j wrote at 2018-07-03 20:26:34+00:00:

that's not a hot dog...it is a pile of other stuff that will totally overpower the taste of the dog....

Joe's avatar
Joe wrote at 2018-07-03 20:25:05+00:00:

Pacific Dunes hands down!

Craig's avatar
Craig wrote at 2018-07-03 20:24:07+00:00:

Mesa CC in Mesa Arizona!!

Jim 's avatar
Jim wrote at 2018-07-03 20:16:11+00:00:

Chicago Dog from Portillo's , end of story !

skip's avatar
skip wrote at 2018-07-03 20:48:19+00:00:

so right you are ....

Freddie Fan's avatar
Freddie Fan wrote at 2018-07-03 22:54:49+00:00:

On the course goofball

Alan M's avatar
Alan M wrote at 2018-07-03 20:15:16+00:00:

In the DFW area, hit up the Sky Creek Ranch in Keller, TX for a fat all-beef dog on a toasted roll that been buttered. For about $3, I've gone there just for the dogs!

Rob Mathews 's avatar
Rob Mathews wrote at 2018-07-03 20:05:07+00:00:

Best hot dog at the turn is. Mohawk River golf course in Rexford, NY. Cheap golf and a great break.

Matt's avatar
Matt wrote at 2018-07-03 19:46:13+00:00:

When my youngest son was 10, he said the best part about playing golf was the hot dog! He's 34 now and says the same thing. He was talking about the hot dog at Jay and Lionel Hebert's Municipal Golf Course in Lafayette, LA. Its still the best!

mjoby31's avatar
mjoby31 wrote at 2018-07-03 19:44:37+00:00:

Every July I play in an outing at Jericho National CC in New Hope . They have a huge BBQ afterwards and the dogs there are HUGE and very good.. Being from an area in North Jersey that is known for hot dogs (Rutt's Hut, Hot Grill, Dickie Dees, Hanks Franks and many, many more) I appreciate a good dog and this course serves up a great one. Fix em as you please...

Greg elk 's avatar
Greg elk wrote at 2018-07-03 21:36:25+00:00:

Rutts for the win buddy.

Bob's avatar
Bob wrote at 2018-07-05 15:10:00+00:00:


Bob's avatar
Bob wrote at 2018-07-03 19:31:33+00:00:

At 67 years and 45 playing golf, he best hot dog I ever ate anywhere on the planet was at Farmstead Golf Course in Lafayette NJ. The brand was called Dowties (pronounced Doubt-ties) and made in Maryland. Haven't been able to find them anywhere and no longer served at the course... My favorite course forever with a great hot dog back then....

mjoby31's avatar
mjoby31 wrote at 2018-07-03 19:45:38+00:00:

Played there and ate dogs there. Spot on Bob

Hallberg's avatar
Hallberg wrote at 2018-07-03 19:27:10+00:00:

Olympic Club in San Francisco. No question it's the best.

Tommy's avatar
Tommy wrote at 2018-07-03 19:22:33+00:00:

The best hot dogs at The Nags Head Golf Links in Nags Head, Nc

Drew's avatar
Drew wrote at 2018-07-03 19:03:38+00:00:

The Harborside international golf center in Chicago has one of the best hotdogs and serve yourself carts on the planet. You can pile on a variety of condiments and make your own special creation

Ed's avatar
Ed wrote at 2018-07-03 19:03:27+00:00:

Brookside Country Club in Macungie, PA serves Yocco's dogs with their Chili Sauce. Perfect for the turn?

TimGavrichGA's avatar
TimGavrichGA wrote at 2018-07-03 19:32:35+00:00:


Yocco's is probably my second-favorite hot dog place anywhere. Had no idea that they sold their product to a nearby golf course, much less the meat sauce as well. That's tremendous. Are they as spectacularly inexpensive at Brookside as at the regular Yocco's locations?


Tommy Wells's avatar
Tommy Wells wrote at 2018-07-03 19:00:45+00:00:

Best hot dogs are at the Turn House at Shoal Creek in Birmingham. And try the Conecuh sausage dog!

bowsy@shaw.ca's avatar
bowsy@shaw.ca wrote at 2018-07-03 18:59:09+00:00:

Where is the best golf course hot dog in Palm Springs?

Jimmy's avatar
Jimmy wrote at 2018-07-03 18:17:30+00:00:

All beef hot dog from the snack shack (at the turn), Sunnyside Country Club, Fresno, CA! They butterfly it open, fry it on the flat top grill and serve it on a lightly toasted bun with all the typical toppings available. Yummeeee!

Freddie's avatar
Freddie wrote at 2018-07-03 18:13:49+00:00:

Whiskey Creek has the best Dogs in the Baltimore/Washington area

Charles Bound 's avatar
Charles Bound wrote at 2018-07-03 18:10:05+00:00:

The best dogs here on the east coast are the ones at Princeton Country Club, New Jersey. Best rolls also.

Dale's avatar
Dale wrote at 2018-07-03 17:46:46+00:00:

Any golf course hot dog is a great golf course hot dog

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