Not just for mini golf anymore: wind turbines are popping up on or near several Scotland golf courses. A wind farm is planned near Donald Trump's new course.

Will Wind Turbines Ruin Scotland Golf Vacations?

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Not just for mini golf anymore: wind turbines are popping up on or near several Scotland golf courses. A wind farm is planned near Donald Trump's new course.

You've probably been hearing about the flap between Donald Trump and the country of Scotland.

In a nutshell, Scotland is planning to build a bunch of wind farms, including one offshore near Trump's soon-to-open golf course and planned resort.

Trump says wind turbines are so ugly, noisy, and dangerous they would not only ruin his project but lead to, "the almost total destruction of [Scotland's] tourism industry."

Last week, when Trump made this statement to Scotland's Parliament, the country's tourism arm (VisitScotland) released survey results showing that wind farms would have little negative impact on tourism.

The survey was based on 3,000 people -- not necessarily golfers -- and only those from the UK.

So, I'd like to know what you think.

Before you share your comments, watch this potentially opinion-altering video:

So, will seeing (and possibly hearing) wind turbines ruin the Scottish golf experience?

Would you avoid certain Scottish regions or courses if wind turbines were present? (For example, one just went up near Royal Aberdeen's 14th hole.)

Please share you opinion or see what others are saying below:

May 01, 2012

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Rick B's avatar
Rick B wrote at 2015-01-14 03:34:58+00:00:

I've never played Scotland, and most likely never will. If Trump were building the towers to generate electrical power he would be adament about his right to build them where ever he saw fit. Golf will be around a long time longer than that big blowhard. Let him suck eggs...People will play wherever they want, if it is a place that has or has not windmills on it. Maybe if I were to win the lottery I would go there and see them for my own eyes and then decide.

Bob's avatar
Bob wrote at 2014-12-30 15:01:58+00:00:

I prefer to play next to turbines than to a nuclear power plant. It won't change my plans to travel anywhere.

In middle and northern Germany it' s quite common and you get used to it very fast.

Come and see yourself.

Will Davis's avatar
Will Davis wrote at 2014-10-28 18:02:28+00:00:

Wind turbines in the distance? Not so bad. Too close (less than a mile) and I won't play the course. I have been to Scotland four times to play golf. Last was at N. Berwick, Gullane, etc. It would not affect me as bad if I thought they were really necessary. As it is they have to be backed up with fossil fuel plants. are are at least five times the price per kilowatt. This means higher rates for your retired pensioners who are struggling as it is. Let's work on fusion, safe nuclear, low polluting natural gas and quit hammering our citizens with unnecessarily high electric rates just because some environmentalists want to force "sustainable" energy on everyone. These windmills also get damaged and wear out. Has anyone computed the energy cost to just build one wind turbine? The fuel to transport and erect it? It's probably not as "sustainable" or energy saving as we have been led to believe.

Bob Beavert's avatar
Bob Beavert wrote at 2014-09-29 17:58:12+00:00:

Trump is a "CHUMP"!

Wind farms are here to stay. If a clean, renewable source of energy is to be utilized, who but the Chump has a problem?

I do go to Scotland and have for 3 different 10 day golf trips. I love Scotland, its people and golf courses. I will be back many more times. I would wish for all that love golf, put this on their bucket list. NO PROBLEM WITH THE WIND TURBINES, what so ever!

Dieter Hoch's avatar
Dieter Hoch wrote at 2014-09-09 18:16:01+00:00:

What can you say. Anyone bothered by the presence of these structures has never seen the alternative scenario. Air so badly polluted by the burning of coal, people would love to be able to see far enough to see windmills. As far as the Donald is concerned, quit your whining, pack your bags and bless some other destination with your style, snow golf in Greenland comes to mind.

John's avatar
John wrote at 2014-07-30 10:57:59+00:00:

Wind Turbines are too expensive to build and yearley maintanance is very high ,so on a purely economic grounds they will Never pay.

They also Kill birds and bats because of the Shockwaves they produce,if erected near Human habitation these waves can cause serious medical problems.

On /Near a Golf Course, Unsightly and I would Never play there.

Wayne's avatar
Wayne wrote at 2014-06-26 15:31:01+00:00:

Personally, I find these fascinating and do not mind them. I live in Michigan & these wind farms are proliferating. Also, as we travel on I-65 in Northern Indiana I enjoy them breaking up the boring topography of the area. I have also seen them offshore whilst on a Baltic Sea cruise near Denmark & Germany and enjoyed sharing the waters with them. As long as they don't come into play and destroy an obviously scenic vista I have no problem with them.

Mick Holden's avatar
Mick Holden wrote at 2014-06-24 11:20:33+00:00:

The Trump course in Scotland should never have been built in the first place

Nothing more than a bully with loads of money !

mitchell abrams's avatar
mitchell abrams wrote at 2014-03-14 20:55:39+00:00:

The notion of playing under one is ridiculous.....

Carl Young's avatar
Carl Young wrote at 2014-02-27 16:50:34+00:00:

Remember the 1958 novel entitled "The Ugly American"? It has been retitled for the 21st century. The new title is "Donald Trump"

Maggie's avatar
Maggie wrote at 2014-02-03 16:31:04+00:00:

Wind technology always leaves out what happens to the animals or people who live close to them, check the birth problems, and health problems that anyone or anything that are living close are having before making any decisions.

Scott's avatar
Scott wrote at 2013-01-03 03:22:17+00:00:

Wake up people. Wind technology and solar is the future. Do you think oil is going to last forever? No way. Clean energy is the solution. Stick it on big oil. Just say no to their high gas prices and their cartel. The sooner we get off big oil and use wind and solar, the better for all of us.

Esteban's avatar
Esteban wrote at 2013-01-02 21:48:57+00:00:

I'm indifferent to having turbines offshore. Having them on the course though is an eye sore. However, if the savings are used to improve the course or reduce the green's fee, I'd consider playing at that course.

Dave's avatar
Dave wrote at 2013-01-02 21:36:15+00:00:

Wind turbines on golf course property would, much like oil/gas wells, pipelines and cell phone towers, generate revenues for the club, which, in theory anyway, could be applied to either keeping down course fees and/or improving maintenance.

Off shore turbines, much like oil platforms, will generate jobs and slow the rise of energy costs and are no less visually distracting and much less of a potential environmental hazard than the platforms.

Learnedithere's avatar
Learnedithere wrote at 2013-01-02 20:59:41+00:00:

Instead of off-shore, put them on Trump's course where they belong - they will be spinning all the time with all of the hot air that gets produced on that property!

Wendy's avatar
Wendy wrote at 2013-01-02 18:50:03+00:00:

I'm looking forward to my summer trip to Scotland and I'll get to see firsthand. I have no problem with them as of now.

MCR's avatar
MCR wrote at 2012-05-08 18:37:24+00:00:

Anything we can do to derive cleaner energy from nature should be attempted. I'm sure there are better locations (off-shore) than in the middle of a golf course. If unavoidable though, consider the turbine an added challenge. That's all.

steve pearson's avatar
steve pearson wrote at 2012-05-04 19:47:52+00:00:

Windmills are uglier than the polluted air they are supposed to alleviate regardless of where they are located.Put one in Obama backyard and see how he likes it.

Chas S's avatar
Chas S wrote at 2012-05-04 00:15:16+00:00:

Recent press release:-

"Mr Trump, who opposes plans for an offshore wind farm to be built near the site of his luxury golf resort in Aberdeenshire, said Mr Salmond was "single-handedly destroying the economic well-being of a great country".

The installation is OFF SHORE however if the Trump is looking for an excuse to pull out it’s not new golf balls he needs! He was right about one thing though - Scotland is a great country and will continue to be so long after his demise.

Ron's avatar
Ron wrote at 2012-05-03 19:08:58+00:00:

"Is this the end to Scottish golf?" What a title! I also play golf in Palm Springs and drive right by 8 huge towers every day and have never even heard a noise from them and don't consider them an eyesore. My golf course in Canada has a high voltage power line running along one side whose towers are, in my opinion, much uglier than wind towers and there is much more noise generated by them on a windy day because the power lines "sing" quite loudly. Never really bothered me, either the wind farms or the power line.

Jack Hartman's avatar
Jack Hartman wrote at 2012-05-03 18:42:26+00:00:

Anyone who would believe anything Donald Trump has to say is probably going to end up like most of his investors, i.e., sadly misinformed.

Claire's avatar
Claire wrote at 2012-05-03 18:40:18+00:00:

I think wind turbines are very interesting. They don't seem to be that noisy and if they can keep the planet a little greener so we can all play golf,that is wonderful.

, and yes I don't think I would mind one in my back yard.

kookenmyer's avatar
kookenmyer wrote at 2012-05-03 18:00:31+00:00:

If I had a choice of a course with vs. without, i'd take the without.

Duane's avatar
Duane wrote at 2012-05-03 17:49:04+00:00:

It would make a difference on what courses i chose to play. They dont need to be on Golf Course Property. It they had many of them on a course....I would decide it is to windy of a destination anyways.

N S's avatar
N S wrote at 2012-05-03 02:32:56+00:00:

I'm fine with wind turbines near golf courses, so long as they don't interfere with playing the game as it's meant to be played. For example, a wind turbine on a fairway would be completely unacceptable, but a few yards out of bounds is fine.

David Creighton's avatar
David Creighton wrote at 2012-05-02 22:28:54+00:00:

We have a number of wind farms here in California located in the passes between the coast and the desert interior. While our dry grass mountains are not the prettiest in the Summer (they are beautiful in the Spring when they are green), the windmills are an eyesore, plus they are expensive to build and maintain, and presently can't compete with other forms of energy production. Also, they only operate when the wind is blowing. I don't know how many times I've passed the windmill farms, and not a one was rotating. So they aren't dependable, and since AC current can't be stored, and DC current can't be used in long transmission lines, the wind generators have serious problems. The utility companies have to have back ups when the windmills aren't producing, and have to rely on other sources such as coal, nuclear and hydro-electric, all those things the environmentalists hate. In an effort to try and show that wind generation is as cost effective as other forms of generation, many studies don't incle the additional costs of this necessary redundnacy.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the 30,000 birds that were killed by the windmills in California last year. Many, endangered species.

In the San Joaquin Valley, where I live, solar power could be a great asset because we have lots of sunshine. (So far it doesn't pencil out economically as my break even point (inital cost/maintenance vs. savings) is out almost 17 years, which is about the useful life of present electro-voltaic cells. If vastly improved batteries can be made available (and they are working on them), so that I could run my house from solar power alone, it could drastically lower dependence on other sources.

Curt Heckman's avatar
Curt Heckman wrote at 2012-05-02 20:12:18+00:00:

Don Trump is the only guy who is hypocritical enough to be in favor of the Keystone pipeline but against wind turbines. Of course, the pipeline affects OTHER people's properties, not his..... Are the windmills unnatural? Yes. Are golf courses unnatural? YES! (and those of you who think otherwise, you might want to rethink). And both are beautiful in their own way. As long as the turbines are offshore, and most likely limited to affecting the view on only a few holes, there is little negative aesthetic effect, and almost no noise. This is a ridiculous argument.

Mike Bergevin's avatar
Mike Bergevin wrote at 2012-05-02 19:26:45+00:00:

Wouldn't bother me in the least. Of course the horizon would look more beautiful without these, but we are running out of fossil fuels, we have to get power somewhere, somehow. If this is the cost we have to pay, then so be it.

Donald Trump is not worried about buying his gas for $5.00 a gallon, he can afford it. The rest of us are in a different situation.

Jim Brehme's avatar
Jim Brehme wrote at 2012-05-02 19:10:11+00:00:

Consider the source. It is Donald Trump, a 1% er. He is against anything that does not use oil or oil products and that would be better for the environment. As long as a these farms are off shore, I would think that they would be fine and would not keep me from enjoying golf at these courses. The only thing that keeps me away is MONEY, the lack of.

Gordon's avatar
Gordon wrote at 2012-05-02 18:27:45+00:00:

Why does anyone care what the arrogant, egotiscal Trump has to say and his badmouthing the peole of Scotland after they bent over backwards to get his course built is another example of the self-centered windbag. If pros play golf with thousands of people around, airplanes, cameras, noice, etc. etc. and if amateurs can't play because of a few windmills then surely thay are not concentrating on their game. Let's all grow up.

John V. Nelson's avatar
John V. Nelson wrote at 2012-05-02 16:30:58+00:00:

Bob Marshall wrote that a windmill would have ruined his time at Crail. In 2004 I made the trip of a lifetime with my two sons (33 & 19 then) and played five Scottish courses, including Crail. The highlight though was playing the Old Course at St. Andrews. Nothing would have deterred my joy that day with my boys. Sometimes we look at "stuff" like windmills and forget to look at "who" we are with. Life is about relationships. I just watched a clip on Ben Crenshaw and his Masters victory and his love for his teacher and friend, Harvey Penick. Mr. Penick's motto, "Take dead aim" could be the beginning of a phrase to "take dead aim" at being thankful who the Lord has brought on our path. Being a Marine and a Vietnam vet I have no trouble doing exactly that. How about you?

BRM's avatar
BRM wrote at 2012-05-02 15:59:52+00:00:

I've been an avid golfer for 40 years, but to think that golf is more important than modern energy policy only strengthens the belief, by many, that golfers are out of touch elistist snobs. "The Donald" certainly promotes that image and most of his courses cater to those who fit that image. By the way, I am also an avid birder and wind farms kill more than just "a few" birds every year. The figure is in the hundreds of thousands.

Andy's avatar
Andy wrote at 2012-05-02 15:19:36+00:00:

I don't like wind turbine's ON the course anymore than I like cell towers or electric power lines. But it is my understanding that the wind turbines proposed near Trump's Aberdeen Resort are nearly a 1/2 mile off shore, in view, but certainly not intrusive. Frankly, I find Trump's "signature" fake waterfalls that he has installed prominently on the courses he acquires, far more objectionable if one is to evaluate on the basis of "natural" beauty.

If the course is as good as everyone is saying, they will come.

CE's avatar
CE wrote at 2012-05-02 14:48:20+00:00:

DT is an idiot. Dangerous !?!? To what birds??? Let me know when a human is killed - then I'll care. I'm a conservative but we have to face the future. Wind power is here to stay and needs to be more. What is the alternative - we have golf courses with no noise but we pay the Muslims for oil? I'll take the noise. I'm sure we will all get used to it in no time. DT probably remembers when he was a kid and everyone said the car was too noisy and we need to keep using horse and buggies.

RUSS LYONS's avatar
RUSS LYONS wrote at 2012-05-02 14:38:13+00:00:

Wind energy in sight-------not a place I vacation at period.

Kevin's avatar
Kevin wrote at 2012-05-02 12:58:43+00:00:

These would not in any way interfere in my decision to play at a course. While I've never played on a course located near wind turbines, they appear to be quiet as a church mouse compared to playing at golf courses located near airports.

Ron Wright's avatar
Ron Wright wrote at 2012-05-02 12:51:54+00:00:

I have played golf in Scotland, and love to do so. My favorite course is Royal Dornoch against the North Sea. Views there are of offshore oil platforms, and my enjoyment of the course was never diminished as a result. If the wind turbines are kept off the golf course proper, I would have no problem with them being adjacent to the course or in view.

Bob Ouimet's avatar
Bob Ouimet wrote at 2012-05-02 11:26:31+00:00:

I don't believe a wind Turbine on or near a golf course would be a deterent. In fact I must agree with most of the folks on this post. A bank of wind turbines out in the North Sea would be cool and more of an attraction than an eyesore. The vast Wind turbine farm in Palm Springs is a really cool sight. Just think of them as big metal trees! Something Scotland could use more of. LOL

Jim's avatar
Jim wrote at 2012-05-02 08:36:51+00:00:

Ireland it is!

Lindsay's avatar
Lindsay wrote at 2012-05-02 08:08:28+00:00:

I like the windmill on the golf course - especially if I get the ball through the door in one!

Bill Leake's avatar
Bill Leake wrote at 2012-05-02 03:44:07+00:00:

Are you sure the video wasn't produced in Switzerland? Only Swiss cheese has as many holes in it as this poorly done pro-Trump video. Firstly, the first image is of a three, rotor-bladed turbine (most current, most widely used design) but the video has a two-bladed version. Secondly, the only noises I heard were the surf and the wind, not the turbine. Thirdly, wind turbines generate decibels in the 20-40 decibel range and that's roughly equivalent to a quiet bedroom. If a golfer--myself included--is unduly distracted by that level of noise then perhaps we'd better take up another form or recreation--chess for example (there are drugs for ADD, by the way). Donald Trump is 100% out for Donald Trump and everyone else be damned. He has, via multiple bankruptcies, destroyed numerous small businesses with no regard to the hundreds of peoples' lives he destroyed while lining his own pockets. I have no patience with his, "it's not MY fault, the economy (or you pick another excuse of your choice) forced me into filing bankruptcy. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Trump (and I use that term politely, not out of respect) is FIRED!

BILL's avatar
BILL wrote at 2012-05-02 03:10:42+00:00:


jim's avatar
jim wrote at 2012-05-02 02:37:17+00:00:

I have stood beside the windmills and found them not to be disturbing; a very low noise level.. I WOULD NOT LIKE TO SEE THEM ON A GOLF COURSE HOWEVER. At 1 kilometer they would not prevent me from playing the course.

John Patterson's avatar
John Patterson wrote at 2012-05-02 02:22:39+00:00:

I just cancelled our trip to Scotland - - I had planned to play golf there but if I have to look at a wind farm I'd rather not go - - I can spend my money here in the USA where there are many places that haven't been spoiled.

Robert's avatar
Robert wrote at 2012-05-02 01:40:12+00:00:

I wouldn't avoid a course because wind farms were near it. I would avoid any course owned by Donald Trump. I don't like his business ethics or his arrogant manner. So thumbs up on windmills and thumbs down on a Trump development.

Jon K's avatar
Jon K wrote at 2012-05-02 01:03:11+00:00:

Great idea, it blows like crazy on the coast those turbines will print cash. Would not affect my travel plans whatsoever. It's about the course, not the view.

As far as Trump, he's great for golf. The PR he brings cannot be quantified - storeies of him opening golf courses in Scotland and buying Doral are read by so many that have no other interest in the game. Keep fighting Donald, the game appreciates your efforts to invest your time and money into it.

Dave's avatar
Dave wrote at 2012-05-02 00:59:33+00:00:

I am all in favor of this. Clean energy is the way to go. If someone explained to loudmouth Trump that he could make more money by using cheap alternative enrgy he would be all for it.

RAS's avatar
RAS wrote at 2012-05-02 00:58:19+00:00:

I can't belive that anyone who has ever lived near a wind turbine farm would conclude that the turbines are an improvement over whatever nature originally provided. I live in the Palm springs area and we have thousands of wind turbines in the pass coming from LA and at best they can be destribed as ugly. Ideally golf is played in as natural a setting as possible with little or no man made structures anywhere - adding wind turbines on the course or in a golfers sight line surely is not an improvement. Trump is to many people his own worst enemy but the fact remains that anything that detracts from the overall golfing experience can only diminish the attractiveness of a given golf course or area as a destination. Frankly, any course marred by wind turbines sends a hugely negative message - no only will the views be impacted but the fact that that winds will be a constant and impactful element.

Will wind turbines impact tourism in Scotland - not in general but for specific properties absolutely yes.

Richard Culhane's avatar
Richard Culhane wrote at 2012-05-02 00:47:53+00:00:

I live and play golf in the Palm Springs area where there are many wind turbines. They have never bothered me. What does bother me is Donald Trump.

Michael's avatar
Michael wrote at 2012-05-02 00:16:05+00:00:

If proximity to wind farms was an issue, a few dozen golf courses in the Palm Springs area would have closed long ago. BTW, the new turbines are much quieter & more efficient than the old one shown in this video. And I'm certain most of us agree that it would take a few hundred of the things to generate as much turbulence as the Donald does every time he opens his mouth.

Gabe's avatar
Gabe wrote at 2012-05-02 00:10:56+00:00:

I think the Donald is correct. I would find them more annoying if they impacted ocean or see views. I find the ones way off shore at the European Club annoying. Similarly, I just returned from a golf trip in England and found the windmills near Rye Golf Club to be a distraction and they were just in nearby fields. I think they're ugly. With that said, it would not deter me from playing a golf course once but may impact me going back.

Russell Hollenbeck's avatar
Russell Hollenbeck wrote at 2012-05-02 00:00:42+00:00:

I fully support wind farms, where ever they need to be located.

In my opinion Donald Trump is an egotistical jerk and I would be more likely to avoid a Trump project than I would to avoid a golf course because of windmills.

brent's avatar
brent wrote at 2012-05-01 23:31:36+00:00:

I am shocked that you appear to be shilling for Trump. The video is deceptive (you know it), and in typical American fashion he (and apparently you) have no hesitation in telling people from other countries how they should conduct their affairs - in ways that suit American luxury interests. If the roles were reversed, and some Scottish (or quite frankly any foreign) investor tried to tell Congress that they shoud - no, must - change their energy policy to suit the investor's interests, such a person would be run out of town in a minute. But it is ok for Trump to do this, and for you to give air time and implicit support for his imperialistic, self-interested, vacuous position

Don's avatar
Don wrote at 2012-05-01 23:19:25+00:00:

Donald Trump is an idiot! He is grandstanding. He is looking for something or his plans aren't going the way he wants them to. The windmills are not bad. I think it is neat.

Swordfish's avatar
Swordfish wrote at 2012-05-01 23:06:16+00:00:

Off-shore wind mills don't bother me. We need more clean energy.

Paul's avatar
Paul wrote at 2012-05-01 23:01:06+00:00:

There are hundreds of 3 bladed wind turbines in North and South Dakota. Quite the contrary, they are magnificent as they are computerized with all the blades spinning in perfect unison. Up close they are huge, but this video dramatically overemphazises the noise. Mr. Trump"s are offshore. There will be no noise heard from his greatest golf course in the World.

Phil's avatar
Phil wrote at 2012-05-01 22:56:16+00:00:

Looks a lot better than the nuclear power plants that are in sight where I play golf. I'm sure it's a lot safer too.

David's avatar
David wrote at 2012-05-01 22:54:33+00:00:

We are a privileged group who play golf. We maintain gorgeous open areas in some of the most amazing spots around the world. We are not, though, entitled to preferential treatment and nor are the Trumps of this world.

His motives are to achieve maximum profit and to market an inflated ego but the world we live in now is changing. As a climate change sceptic, I strongly advocate the use of alternative sources of energy and in the case of wind farms, they should be located with some sympathy to their surroundings. They are not necessarily the noisy disruptive objects that many make them out to be. Compatability between new technology and history can only be achieved by dispassionate, informed debate.

Do you remember that last hot shower you had after a battle with the elements in mid-winter, with a bitter northerly penetrating through every layer of clothing and the rain persisting? We love the challenges that those conditions impose on us and it is part of golf folklore, isnt it? Just don't forget that hot shower. Does your club use a magic wand every time the tap is turned on?

We are blessed that Trump and others keep developing new courses but we need those hot showers as well. Imagine changing in the car and driving home because there was no power to maintain the club, heat the water, boil the kettle. Keep the turbines going, locate them sensibly and if Trump and Co cannot work under those conditions then so be it.

Scottish Dave's avatar
Scottish Dave wrote at 2012-05-01 22:32:11+00:00:

They reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels and unless they are right over the tee box or the green, shouldn't affect us golfers. I play along the Michigan Thumb area where these three-bladed beasties whirl away and other than their imposing size, haven't had them impact my game.

Ed McIntyre's avatar
Ed McIntyre wrote at 2012-05-01 22:25:21+00:00:

There are golf courses all over the world near airports that make far more noise. In fact, they can add to the experience if, for example, they are vintage craft flying in formation or if they are F-22's flying low over Torrey Pines.

This is a non issue. And if they off-set the pollution created by fossil fuel, it is a reasonable trade off.

Trump is a major whiner and furthermore, he never and I mean never uses his own money.

George's avatar
George wrote at 2012-05-01 22:24:49+00:00:

Offshore turbines would be like matchsticks. You wouldn't hear them either. That video has nothing to do with it. It's all about perception not reality. Here in the USA green energy politicians were fighting these things being put offshore in the Hamptons. I think it has more to do with perception, property values, etc. Once it's done people will realize it makes no difference at all.

David's avatar
David wrote at 2012-05-01 22:16:10+00:00:

Whar utter nonsense. I live in Scotland and believe me Trump is viewed as a joke. Most people believe he has decided not to go ahead with several aspects of his development due to the economic environment and is jumping all over the turbines issue as an excuse to put this on hold. His public utterings make him look ridiculous 'if turbines go ahead Scotland will go broke'! The turbines will be out at sea and nobody, but nobody, will care. He is a joke and headlines like yours are just playing into his publicity machine which is a shame.

Linda Holt's avatar
Linda Holt wrote at 2012-05-01 22:12:13+00:00:

Following applications for two wind farms on the outskirts of St Andrews, a Facebook page was set up - golfers against turbines. Please have a look and join if you are concerned about the turbine invasion in Scotland.

Barry LeDrew's avatar
Barry LeDrew wrote at 2012-05-01 22:01:06+00:00:

I am an avid golfer and one of my greatest pleasures is looking out over a beautiful golf hole, but I also realize that we need to put things in perspective. Anyone who thinks that an unblemished view on a good course is my important than the need to use energy sources other than fossil fuels needs to do some serious thinking. It's a selfish response to a very serious issue. If we keep on the path we're on, golf won't be an option for our children and grandchildren.

Andy Chalot's avatar
Andy Chalot wrote at 2012-05-01 21:59:20+00:00:

Travel extensively and am seeing increasing numbers of wind turbines in almost every state I visit. Working with air traffic radars, the doppler targets that they generate do produce primary radar returns, same as aircraft. Millions of dollars are being spent in the attempt to enable radars to eliminate their targets from the radar displays. With many, many more wind farms planned, they have become a fact of life. I think I would find them distracting if they were in my line of sight for a shot, otherwise one has to try to ignore them like you do loud cars, police/fire sirens, etc.. Mr Trump has to realize that you cannot control anything as acceptable as wind power on property you do not own. Install a course anemometer and have real time wind direction and velocity piped into the cart GPS, and infer the data comes from the wind farm!!!

Eduardo Sosa's avatar
Eduardo Sosa wrote at 2012-05-01 21:56:17+00:00:

I really would not like to walk close, much less under one of those windmills.

I have seen them in California, driving from LA to Palm Springs and they look great as a forest from afar but I understand that if you are traveling to Scotland to play golf, the experiencing of nature is one of the highlights of the trip.

There is nothing natural about these giants. They do not belong close to any golf course unless it is Municipal and the rates were low as the course was subsidized by the windmill owners.

Michael Richardson's avatar
Michael Richardson wrote at 2012-05-01 21:46:57+00:00:

Well, let me see. Which do we need more, alternate, affordable energy or golf? I am a life long golf nut, but let's get serious. I guess you haven't seen courses with fans behind the green trying to keep the air moving so the fungus doesn't destroy the turf. I wouldn't care if they put one turbine behind every green on every course on the planet if it would provide cheap energy. I don't think Donald Trump's motives and needs are the same as the rest of us. People in the UK actually walk with the assistance of a pull cart. Americans aren't ready for that type of sacrifice. Bring on the turbines.

david's avatar
david wrote at 2012-05-01 21:27:43+00:00:

I don't think I would play a course with a wind turbine as close as the one on the tape seemed. But, more of a problem is that I saw no cart paths or carts.

mike's avatar
mike wrote at 2012-05-01 21:26:28+00:00:

Looks like i go to Ireland next trip. Trump is right on.

Jim McGuire's avatar
Jim McGuire wrote at 2012-05-01 21:20:50+00:00:

Like John said above, there is a similar windfarm in the Irish Sea off the coast by the European Club and I have played there many times and have never heard the turbines and only ocassionally noticed them. And when I did it struck me as impressive engineering and sustainable development.

Wendy's avatar
Wendy wrote at 2012-05-01 21:13:33+00:00:

I'll return to Scotland turbines or no turbines.

Dave's avatar
Dave wrote at 2012-05-01 20:54:34+00:00:

Nothing wrong with wind turbines try playing holy head golf club on Anglesey in North Wales with the RAF jets taking off it still doesn't take anything away from the great golf course.

And I can't afford Trumps courses anyway

Kevin McCormack's avatar
Kevin McCormack wrote at 2012-05-01 20:43:30+00:00:

Wind turbines are a good thing generally, but they are best placed where they do not interfere with the natural lay of the land, i.e., they belong offshore.

None's avatar
None wrote at 2012-05-01 20:34:38+00:00:

It is an immovable obstruction - what is your problem?

Arnold's avatar
Arnold wrote at 2012-05-01 20:34:05+00:00:

Yes - I'd avoid any course that was exposed to the visual impact and noise of the turbines.

Paul's avatar
Paul wrote at 2012-05-01 20:33:34+00:00:

Noted Royal Aberdeen has one near the 14th. For all who have played that really great course it for me will not change anything. I love the course but the back nine is slap next to an industrial complex. As I recall it looks like oil rig work is done there. Nevertheless it has never been a great view on the inward 9. Dornoch, Troon have trailer parks and Prestwick-the airport. These are great courses and I will continue to love them. We are in a changed world and I thank my lucky stars everyday I have gotten to play these courses.

Walker Merryman's avatar
Walker Merryman wrote at 2012-05-01 20:31:25+00:00:

There is no question that the wind turbines are ugly. If the Scots plan to erect a forest of them on land such as has happened in the Palm Springs area, the detrimental effect would be horrific. It is a huge eyesore.

Jim Sennett's avatar
Jim Sennett wrote at 2012-05-01 20:24:11+00:00:

The Donald is right, the 3,000 Scots are wrong! Windmills should stay in Holland!

Doug Roberts's avatar
Doug Roberts wrote at 2012-05-01 20:23:14+00:00:

I have traveled all over Scotland and Ireland to play its links courses. Quite candidly until a poster earlier mentioned that the European Club had wind mills off shore I hadn't even noticed. On the course proper would be bothersome. Offshore I'm of the opinion The Donald is concerned over the views of his pricey establishment. The course that has been built looks amazing and I'm hopefull to visit it sooner than later. Offshore windmills wouldn't stop me. The Donald is either loved or hated. It's a tad pretentious his style but having golf blood flowing thru my veins I understand and respect the Donald for his passion toward golf. And it's my opinion when its all said and done his aggressive style will have very positive effects for the Aberdeen area........

Bill Brannigan's avatar
Bill Brannigan wrote at 2012-05-01 20:18:49+00:00:

I do not believe that wind turbines would impact on those golfers who love the game. I live in an area where a wind farm is close to two championship course and this has not detered golfers from enjoying the game. They probably concentrate on watching their ball and not the wind turbines.

TD's avatar
TD wrote at 2012-05-01 20:16:17+00:00:

There is a place for wind turbines and that is out of site from where people can't see them. Maui put some up recently takes away from the natural beauty. Golf course are like walking in a well manicured park, they are design to enjoy nature without the thorn bushes (unless you go out of bounds) I say no to wind turbines unless they are located out in no where land.

Richard Procter's avatar
Richard Procter wrote at 2012-05-01 20:09:46+00:00:

Thats bullshit put those things out of site there are some many other places for wind turbines. Im for clean energy but if you put those things right by the golf course you drive away people and drive away money too !!

Willy's avatar
Willy wrote at 2012-05-01 19:58:53+00:00:

These turbines spoil the landscape and are a danger to wildlife. Many of these areas are bird sanctuaries and the total environmental cost of these investments is negative when all factors are considered. Scotland remains an enticing destination for any tourist. The landscape and hospitality are more important than the odd turbine. It is paradox that Scotland could be self-sufficicent in energy terms withouth the need of these turbines. Who really benefits from these turbines?

David's avatar
David wrote at 2012-05-01 19:58:22+00:00:

get over it...! We all need to be more resourceful with our energy sources and conservative with our consumption. As long as they are not in the flight paths of migrating birds they are a resonable alternative. A wind farm would certainly not deter me from playing anywhere.

chip broadhurst's avatar
chip broadhurst wrote at 2012-05-01 19:57:02+00:00:

Have no up close and personal experience with these. Have, however, driven through wind farms in northern New England. No question the power is needed and wind is an attractive source. Equally no question these giants dominate whatever landscape they occupy. On balance, I'd play golf with or without them. Prefer without. If no practical energy alternatives exist, then so be it. Understand Trump's "nimby" perspective.

John's avatar
John wrote at 2012-05-01 19:54:47+00:00:

Personally, I don't see them affecting my game at all!

Michael M Thomas's avatar
Michael M Thomas wrote at 2012-05-01 19:53:43+00:00:

A ridiculous, Trumped up issue! Many great golf courses lie directly under the flight path of major airports and we play away happily. As we do in the lee of nuclear plants. A number of great British courses - Prestwick, Lytham - lie directly and closely parallel to railroad lines. keep your eye on the ball, not you ego! Frankly, I would rather confront an elegant wind turbine than the average American golf tourist.

Ernie Martz's avatar
Ernie Martz wrote at 2012-05-01 19:53:19+00:00:

Pretty hard to stay one-up on the Scots. My Aberdeen cab driver in 2006 thought the Trump course built on a protected shore land and blocking off a local farm was still a good idea for business.

However there are plenty of locals who were not impressed with the Donald project.

All even.

Todd C's avatar
Todd C wrote at 2012-05-01 19:50:28+00:00:

Whatever keeps energy costs low and is sustainable is cool with me. Wouldn't like having them ON the course but, I'd get used to it as long as they're out of play. Although this isn't exactly the situation in Trump's case. Adding a clown's mouth to the 5th green may be pushing it too far, though.

Dclaker's avatar
Dclaker wrote at 2012-05-01 19:46:53+00:00:

I think "The Donald" just needs some attention but I'll still want to stay and play his beautiful place.

We need all the alternative means of energy we can find

It might save him some $$$ on his resort energy bill

ralph's avatar
ralph wrote at 2012-05-01 19:44:32+00:00:

Having a turbine located overlooking a fairway on a golf course is much different than having one (or more) located 2 km offshore. How about a video showing what an offshore wind farm looks and sounds like? That would be much more helpful, and appropriate, than one that shows a turbine that you could bounce your drive off.

Joe's avatar
Joe wrote at 2012-05-01 19:44:10+00:00:

I understand the Scots laughed at him when he gave his testimony. If only Americans would laugh at him whereever and whenever he shows up.

PAUL MAURER's avatar
PAUL MAURER wrote at 2012-05-01 19:43:13+00:00:


Wes's avatar
Wes wrote at 2012-05-01 19:37:01+00:00:

Anytime the Donald opens his mouth enough wind comes out to power all of his properties. What a blowhard! There is always some self-serving motivation for his antics, if nothing more than publicity for himself.

JP's avatar
JP wrote at 2012-05-01 19:34:50+00:00:

They might not afect the game, but they sure are ugly on a course. When I think of golfing, part of what motivate's me is the beauty of nature, not these ugly windmills. If they can be more pleasing to the eye, maybe (just because of the energy issue). As for safety, it will probably come down to proper maintenance. Where I live if they put those up, in a couple of years someone will die because one of those things fell on them due to the lack of maintenance.

Mark's avatar
Mark wrote at 2012-05-01 19:32:03+00:00:

If I had a choice to play a course that had wind turbines and one that does not, assuming they are very comparable courses, I would play the course that does not have wind turbines. Reason for me is that you pay good money to play golf and do I want to look at those wind turbines from every hole on the course. My answer is no, so I would play the other course. Would this keep me from going to Scotland, I think so. There are so many great golfing destinations that Scotland would fall down on the list.

John's avatar
John wrote at 2012-05-01 19:32:02+00:00:

One thing is certain, one day there will be no more oil, coal, coal plants, natural gas, nuclear fuel, nuclear plants, or Donald Trump. They are all without exception non-renwable resources. But there will definitely be wind turbines spinning in the breeze next to golf courses.

Michael Saliceti's avatar
Michael Saliceti wrote at 2012-05-01 19:31:25+00:00:

the wind turbines aren't the turn off, I think Trump is..

Paul's avatar
Paul wrote at 2012-05-01 19:21:59+00:00:

This is a tough one. I am an avid golfer as well as an amateur photographer. On the golfing side, I don't think wind turbines would keep me away for golf courses although if they deem there is enough wind to have them, I would probably stay away from those courses anyway since I hate playing in the wind.

On the photography side, I take a lot of nature landscapes and I would not like these positioned to ruin some beautiful scenery. As far as being dangerous to birds, power lines kill at least 10,000 times more birds than turbines, so that argument is lame.

Marvin Wray's avatar
Marvin Wray wrote at 2012-05-01 19:19:33+00:00:

I'm only an American, but I have played at St. Andrews and have been to Royal Troon and a few others, so I do have an appreciation for the history and beauty of golf in Scotland. I do think it would be a negative addition. Will it ruin it? No, but it certainly will not be a pleasant change. The last segment of the above video was a clincher. That massive pole was a major distraction.

Bob Marshall's avatar
Bob Marshall wrote at 2012-05-01 19:18:15+00:00:

I had the pleasure of playing several links courses in Fife a few years ago. I remember standing on the tee of a par 3 hole at Crail, where all I could see was the green against a backdrop of the North Sea on 3 sides. It was spectacular. A bank of windmills in the distance would have totally spoiled the experience. Yes, I could still play these courses, but a big part of links golf is playing beside the sea, with the variable weather, and the wonderful landscape and seascape.

DR JOHN's avatar
DR JOHN wrote at 2012-05-01 19:16:59+00:00:

I understand that the wind farm is 2 kms offshore . If a small platform were built 2.5 kms offshore , we could place Mr Trump there. Regardless of which direction he was pointing , he could single-handedly power the entire wind farm.

Please give Mr Trump the attention that he is due-ignor him!

Brian's avatar
Brian wrote at 2012-05-01 19:16:37+00:00:

Like too many who have theirs, Donald Trump is an arrogant windbag that cares little about anything other than his own bottom line. Offshore turbines would be of little concern to the customers of his courses. Speaking for myself, I'd much rather look at them than the haze of pollution from coal-fired generators or news stories about the "sinking" of Florida!

Bill's avatar
Bill wrote at 2012-05-01 19:14:40+00:00:

No problem with wind turbines

Jim O's avatar
Jim O wrote at 2012-05-01 19:06:42+00:00:

Not a "fan" of the wind mill, especially on a golf course no matter who is the owner or where it is located. Put them somewhere else like in the politician's yard.

Terry's avatar
Terry wrote at 2012-05-01 19:06:16+00:00:

Is NOTHING sacred any more?? The almighty dollar ( pound ) TRUMPS everything else... cannot believe they will make more from wind than they will the thousands of golfers that trek over there every year to play. How many pints will the turbine buy after a full day of golf?? Bloody shameful.

Ron's avatar
Ron wrote at 2012-05-01 19:02:04+00:00:

Donald Trump is a punk. Hmm, let's go to another country and disrupt their natural countryside so I can put my name on a golf course and then get mad when they put wind turbines close in an effort to produce clean energy. Selfish egotist.

MIGolferGirl's avatar
MIGolferGirl wrote at 2012-05-01 19:01:45+00:00:

Nothing wrong with wind turbines, but can't they be located elsewhere? Can you imagine teeing off in a heavy Scottish wind with a wind turbine sounding like it is ready to lift-off behind you?

Why on earth do they need to put the turbines right next to the golf courses?

Allan's avatar
Allan wrote at 2012-05-01 18:58:10+00:00:

I've lived near a number of wind farms, and I've never found them to be intrusive. What's more, we need to be more careful with the planet's resources and renewable energies are something we need to explore.

Not only am I Scottish, I live near Mr Trump's new course; I'm less than a mile from the wind turbine on Royal Aberdeen. I was initially ambivalent to the course - I'd heard the environmental concerns, but I know that lobby is full of vested interests - but Mr Trump's foul and bullying behaviour towards the residents of the Menie estate means I'm now firmly opposed to the development. The proposed wind farm is some 2km offshore - even on reasonably good days, it's difficult to see that far out to sea in Aberdeen.

While I'd be delighted to be proved wrong on this, I suspect this is the start of a series of showdowns where Mr Trump threatens to upend his toys from the metaphorical pram unless he gets his own way.

What else to think of a man who, when asked to provide scientific and statistical evidence for his anti-windfarm claims by the Scottish Parliament, bellows "I am the evidence"?

Although I'd be delighted to be proved wrong, I fear association with Mr Trump will do the North East of Scotland more harm than good.

Tony's avatar
Tony wrote at 2012-05-01 18:57:55+00:00:

No problem at all. Wind turbines are fine if they aren't physically on the course. Then again, I disagree with most anything Trump says or believes. I think he's extreme in many ways.

Art's avatar
Art wrote at 2012-05-01 18:57:30+00:00:

Odd that they would put it up either right on or next to the green, BUT as far as noise??????? Heck you might even, for a round of your favorite libation, see who can hit one of the blades. Kind of like Caddy Shack Two. I really do not see a problem with this. Better get used to them, because just like them new fangled horseless carridges, that's the future.

TN's avatar
TN wrote at 2012-05-01 18:56:23+00:00:

I think the site of such massive turbine is not natural. If I am from the states and paying lots of money to go to Scotland to play golf then yes I would avoid the course with the turbines. When I think of old scotish courses I do not think of seeing massive wind Turbines. They should not be right on the course in any manner. There are plenty of other places to put them where there is not much inhabitants, but plenty of wind. I do not think noise or pollution is an issue but unnatural site is. Golf courses are some of the most natural and beautiful landscapes around and we should keep them that way. I'm not against turbines just not on the golf courses.

Todd V's avatar
Todd V wrote at 2012-05-01 18:53:45+00:00:

No, they will not ruin anything other than the occasional bird. If wind and solar power don't become more mainstream, we are idiots. period.

David's avatar
David wrote at 2012-05-01 18:53:30+00:00:

It wouldn't bother me in the least, unless I got so fascinated by watching them that I forgot that I was playing.

John Miller's avatar
John Miller wrote at 2012-05-01 18:52:07+00:00:

Come on, give me a break. I've played the European Club with a wind farm just off the coast in the Irish Sea. That would be the last thing that would keep me from going back to that fantastic golf course and setting!

Mark's avatar
Mark wrote at 2012-05-01 18:51:33+00:00:

Wind farms would not impact my travel plans for general tourism or golf in Europe, at all. And I will be doing both later this year and next.

I actually think the the turbines are kind of cool. Real familiar with them in Eastern Washington and Palm Springs - no problem. And the less Donald Trump has to do with anything, the better off we will all be. If turbines will help keep him and his brand of business away, then build MORE of them.

Bill Everson's avatar
Bill Everson wrote at 2012-05-01 18:51:21+00:00:

Any golf course that allowed this to happen would lose my business, period. Its bad enough this costly, ineffective alternative energy is allowed to be erected in places like this but it is a sure sign of the apocolypse when the minority runs the majority.

Dave Mabee's avatar
Dave Mabee wrote at 2012-05-01 18:49:48+00:00:

I can't stand the site of those things. I'm glad I've already been to Scotland on several golf trips, because I don't think I would want to cough up the money to go there again if windmills become part of the golf landscape. What a shame.

Donat's avatar
Donat wrote at 2012-05-01 18:46:23+00:00:

scary video, no way...

trump: was he not referring to a "bank" of windmills off the shore? so not quite as dramatic as in the video, but "not nice" nevertheless

Doug Cassat's avatar
Doug Cassat wrote at 2012-05-01 18:46:14+00:00:

I would diffinitely avoid areas with wind turbines. They are ugly, noisy and dangerous to birds (but couts are OK). We have lots of choices for our golf trips these days!

Bill's avatar
Bill wrote at 2012-05-01 18:44:36+00:00:

Personally I don't think the turbines have any inpact on the game. Still to be proven if they can cause any harm. Some of the Wind farms can be quire beautiful in their own way. I always liked the views in Palm Springs including the Windmills.

Ed's avatar
Ed wrote at 2012-05-01 18:42:22+00:00:

As far as I know, this video has virtually NOTHING to do with the Trump situation. The ones that Trump is complaining about are OFFSHORE. From what I've read in the Scottish press the conjecture is that Trump's project is not penciling out like he expected and he is substantially reducing its scope. The wind turbines are a red herring.

Regarding wind turbines located similar to the ones in the video, I'd prefer that they not exist. However, it is hard to dictate a country's energy policy. I expect we'll continue to see more and more of them over time.

Dennis's avatar
Dennis wrote at 2012-05-01 18:41:16+00:00:

Wind farms would be okay as long as they are a few miles away from the closest golf course. We play golf in Palm Desert and the wind farms there do not effect the courses because they are a long ways away.

John Williamson's avatar
John Williamson wrote at 2012-05-01 18:37:20+00:00:

Why aren't they building these off shore? I've seen them in Denmark and Sweden and they don't look bad at all. They look like monsters up this close though.

Archie Cart's avatar
Archie Cart wrote at 2012-05-01 18:36:08+00:00:

Donald is right!

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