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Srixon Golf Z F65 Fairway Woods Delight And Deliver

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A great fairway wood can be like your favorite pair of sneakers or jeans: once you find one you like, you tend to stick with it for a long time.

In fact, a few professional golfers have stuck with a particular 3 wood for decades of PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions success, even as technological advances have produced "better" clubs.

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All of this is to say that if you haven't found that fairway wood match-made-in-heaven yet, you might give the new Srixon Golf Z F65 woods a shot.

For what it's worth, after hitting my new F65 3 wood and 5 wood for a couple weeks, I'm very optimistic that they'll be staying in my bag for a long time.

Here's why you might like them as well:

Crown Achievements

If you recall from our recent review of Srixon's new drivers, we really liked the classic, simple look at address: a smooth black field to frame the golf ball before launch.

The F65 fairway woods add something of a wrinkle to this look without offending the eye of a golf purist.

Now, the F65 woods come in four different lofts: 3+ (13.5 degrees), 3 (15), 4 (17) and 5 (19). On the three lowest lofts, Srixon's engineers added a slight, somewhat crescent-shaped step to the crown, which shallows out the head somewhat toward the back.

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The reason for doing this: to lower and deepen the center of gravity of the head to raise the trajectory of a shot, which can net you a couple extra yards both off the tee and off the deck.

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Where does that leave the F65 5 wood? Well, since a 5 wood will normally compete with a hybrid for a spot in a player's bag, Srixon aimed to make theirs as accurate as possible. So instead of a step, the crown of the F65 5 wood has a channel in the crown of a similar shape to the step on the other woods' crowns.

Instead of a distraction, though, the shape of the steps and channel in the crowns of the F65 fairway woods actually acts as a clever alignment aid, framing a golf ball beautifully at address.

Real Versatility

In general, I have always preferred fairway woods to hybrids, but that makes me a bit of a tough customer, because it means I need my 3 wood, and especially my 5 wood, to be able to slash through rough the way a hybrid can, as well as give me confidence off the tee on shorter or particularly narrow driving holes and long par 3s.

To me, this is where the F65 woods really shine - particularly the 5 wood. In just a couple weeks' worth of rounds, I found a lot of confidence hitting different shots off the tee and the ground. These fairway woods' faces are on the shallower side, with a crisp leading edge, meaning I have had little trouble getting the club to slide through even some fairly thick Bermuda rough and into the ball.

Off the tee, I have been able to use both woods to execute both a nice, high trajectory and my own crude version of a low "stinger" into the wind. They're plenty forgiving, too. Put simply, these clubs do what they're told.

If you're searching for that elusive but happy long-term relationship with a fairway wood or two, I think you owe it to yourself to give Srixon's new Z F65 model a serious look.

For more information and to order one of your own, click here.

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Oct 25, 2016

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