We were told that the highlighted area above will be part of Tiger Woods new golf course design in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Breaking News: Tiger Woods Revives Design Business with Mexico Project

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We were told that the highlighted area above will be part of Tiger Woods new golf course design in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Despite Tiger Woods pulling out of last week's event with a sore Achilles tendon, his game -- and his golf course design business -- appear to be picking up.

Regarding the latter, word is that Tiger has agreed to design the next golf course at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

While on site, a member of our editorial team was told by a Diamante representative that the residential/resort community had just days ago signed a contract with Tiger Woods to design the next course there. Construction is said to begin shortly.

The site itself (including construction equipment) can be seen on the far right-hand side of the above photo (if the giant red arrow didn't give it away). 

I attempted to corroborate the news by calling Tiger Woods Design, but I got a weird message saying the voicemail couldn't accept more messages. Shot an email to company president Bryon Bell, too. (I'll update this post if he gets back to me.)

If the job has, in fact, gone to Tiger, he'll have his work cut out for him.

Diamante is the most exciting thing to happen to Cabo San Lucas golf since Jack Nicklaus designed the Ocean Course at Cabo Del Sol in 1994.

In addition to racking up many other accolades, Diamante's original, Davis Love III-designed Dunes course debuted at #58 on Golf Magazine's list of Top-100 courses to play in the world.

These photos help explain why:

The second course at Diamante is being called "Lagoon." (A third course is also part of the development plan).

Again, if this truly is Tiger's next golf course design project, I sincerely hope it goes better than his previous ones.

As we reported in 2010 (and the New York Times confirmed in an April 2011 article) Tiger's other project on Mexico's Baja Peninsula (Punta Brava), as well as those in Dubai and North Carolina, have either been abandoned or, at best, delayed to the point of undetermined completion dates.

To date, the only "course" completed by Tiger's design firm is the one that sits behind his Jupiter Island, Fla., house: a 3.5-acre short- and mid-range practice utopia.

What do you think? Is this Tiger Woods' next golf course design project? Please share your comments below.

Mar 15, 2012

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brad's avatar
brad wrote at 2012-10-25 05:18:28+00:00:

you people have no idea what youre talking about, i live in colorado have a house in cabo and its safer in cabo than denver... 6000 people killed in 10 years in chicago...yeah thats where i want to live..

None's avatar
None wrote at 2012-03-29 06:18:21+00:00:

I guess people have a hard time dealing with a golf icon like Tiger. He is what he is but he is still the best golfer in the world. Better than the flash in the pan Europeans who rise to #1 and then fall apart. I think McDowell said it all when he said he had a front row seat at Bayhill watching Tiger do what he does best. Win! Luke Donald is another great golfer takes his golf serious and is not about numbers. Get real people he is a great golfer..

Lex's avatar
Lex wrote at 2012-03-21 01:27:36+00:00:

We go to Cabo every year in January and love it. Safe, perfect weather, friendly people, and the best seafood anywhere. Not inexpensive. We usually play the Cabo del Sol and Palmilla courses, all of which are excellent, with the exception of the very weird oceanfront stretch on the front 9 of the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course, which has two par 3 holes back to back with long walks from the cart path; they have been redone in the last couple of years and feel completely phony. The rest of the holes are very good and the finishing stretch on that course is wonderful.

Dooglas PI's avatar
Dooglas PI wrote at 2012-03-20 21:00:12+00:00:

What happened to Phil Mickelson? His name was all over Cabo and I even read it in I think Golf Magazine and maybe Alaska Airlines magazine and was likewise tossed around by Diamante sales reps. I live in Cabo and hear all the rumors early as I am a real estate broker here.

The Diamante Davis Love III course is a classic links course. Expensive, but thrilling when the wind howls in off the Pacific. When you consider that Cabo also has 4 Nicklaus courses (one with a Greg Norman 9), a Pete and Roy Dye, a Robert Trent Jones Jr. redesign of a Joe Finger, a Tom Fazio, a Tom Weiskopf, and a Mario Schjetnan design built by the Mexican Government (FONATUR), you might understand that we are under-impressed by name dropping.

We are extremely impressed by finished product. Now if only we could afford to play.

Paul B.'s avatar
Paul B. wrote at 2012-03-20 15:55:02+00:00:


Go away.

mexman's avatar
mexman wrote at 2012-03-14 18:16:49+00:00:


What do you suppose all that oceanfront land that The Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol occupies is worth? Perhaps that is at least part of the reason for the fees, not too mention it is a pretty darn good golf course regardless of location.

And by the way, I did some research... on the DAY you played their other course a couple years ago there were 25 times the number of players you threw out as the WEEK'S total playing on The Ocean Course. You can't just throw out crazy statements and expect people to accept them as fact.

louis gagne's avatar
louis gagne wrote at 2012-03-14 03:04:18+00:00:

I stayed at the hotel adjacent to the Jack Nicklaus Cabo del Sol course two years ago and i saw about 4 people play in a week because of the ridiculous high green fees with no internet specials.I played at the Tom Weiskopf designed desert course just above and the best i could find is $90 at twilight.Those courses are beautiful but what 's the deal if nobody can afford to play!!!

BH3321's avatar
BH3321 wrote at 2012-03-14 00:49:57+00:00:

R Scott- have you actually been to Cabo and have you played Diamante? I suspect not. Diamante is first class in every respect- service, food, golf, and management. Cabo is a wonderful place and safer than most cities in U S.

While everyone has varying opinions on Mr. Woods, time will tell if he produces as advertised. Until facts surface to the contrary, probably best you just STFU!

mexman's avatar
mexman wrote at 2012-03-13 20:29:58+00:00:

R. Scott - Typical American garbage. Cabo is as safe as anywhere you care to throw out in the lower 48. Stop believing the garbage you see on CNN and Fox who love to paint an entire country with a broad brush. If all you read about was Compton & Watts in LA and LIberty City in Miami or the Ninth Ward in New Orleans one might believe the entire US was a gang infested, wild west free for all.

mp goodkin's avatar
mp goodkin wrote at 2012-03-13 19:57:08+00:00:

If Tiger gets some fool to pay him to design a course--more power to him.What does he know about Earth and Movement of soil etc? What did he study in College--which he never finished.

Better he should be on an advisory council..than being totally responsible.

Steve Anderson's avatar
Steve Anderson wrote at 2012-03-13 19:32:10+00:00:

Why should anyone think he would finish this. He has been a quitter on everything else in his life that he has done if things were not just "peachy" for him and some even when things could not have been any better. Who in the world would not love to change places with him. He has quit on multiple Golf Swing Coaches, his caddie, golf coarse design projects, his golf game and his wife and family. He wants to use "his privacy" as a scapegoat to hide his lack of balls (no pun intended) when real men would step up, turn huge mistakes into a learning situation and move on proving he was a better man for it. This tiger has turned out to be just a "pussy cat." Want to see a guy with a ton of money, all the pressure, is as well known in public and still always does the right thing? Look at Peyton Manning. They both had great Dads. One thrives in adversity and one folds the tent.

R Scott's avatar
R Scott wrote at 2012-03-13 19:30:44+00:00:

The only places in the world that I would rate lower than Mexico as a vacation spot right now are: Afganistan, Iran, and Syria.

Traditional Golfer's avatar
Traditional Golfer wrote at 2012-03-13 19:11:33+00:00:

I wish him the same success he has experienced of late, both on and off the course.

He is the antichrist of golf - what a sorry example he has been for the upcoming group of golfers - what happened to the class guys, who tipped their hat when receiving applause after making a great shot. Enough of his acting like some kind of ass every time he makes a putt. The tournaments are 72 holes. No class act Woods...

Ed's avatar
Ed wrote at 2012-03-13 17:41:53+00:00:

Diamante is a class operation and a great golf course and will be good for Tiger. Your announcement on this scooped everyone, as no release was expected until next week. Also, if anyone thinks that Cabo and, specifically, Diamante isn't a great vacation spot, they're missing something really special.

Craig Better

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