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We Went There: Our Report From Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort And The Towers at Pacifica

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I recently returned from an eye-opening few days in lovely Cabo San Lucas, on Mexico's Pacific coast. The main reason for the visit: to check out the brand new Towers at Pacifica, a "resort-within-a-resort" at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, one of Mexico's most sought-after spots for visitors.

Before the trip, I mused about what I was most looking forward to about this exciting property. Having broke it down into three main categories in that piece, let's jump into what made it so enjoyable.

The Towers at Pacifica

"A room with a view" is an understatement, as well as the norm at The Towers. This is the morning vista from my room, #1632

We had the honor of being among the first guests of The Towers at Pacifica, and the accommodations were as luxurious and pleasant as we were expecting. Each of these 47 brand-new rooms offer splendid views of the Pacific, and they enjoy prime location on site. The huge and ridiculously comfortable beds were perfect for recharging for the next day's relaxation.

Worried about the pillow situation? You can pick from four different densities to ensure you sleep as comfortably in Cabo as at home. That's right - there's a "pillow menu."

Interior of #1632 at The Towers. Comfortable, airy and lovely.

The all-inclusive nature of the resort helps to elevate the experience of staying in The Towers at Pacifica as well. There's a mini-bar in each room that can be stocked according to your tastes in water, soda, beer and various snacks as well. 24-hour room service is also included. In other words: no need to hunt for sustenance if you don't want to.

But if you do want to, The Towers at Pacifica is a perfect jumping-off point. Staying there entitles guests exclusive access to an oceanfront lounge as well as preferred seating at all restaurants. And that includes not only the eateries on-site at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, but at next-door Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, as well as Pueblo Bonito's two other nearby locations, Los Cabos and Rosé. In all, staying at The Towers at Pacifica brings 23 restaurants into play for guests.

The Golf

The stunning seaside 6th at Quivira.

As you probably read a couple weeks ago, we really enjoyed Quivira Golf Club, the facility to which Pueblo Bonito guests have easy access. Its cliffside holes are some of the most uniquely spectacular on the planet, and the all-inclusive theme extends here as well, with multiple comfort stations serving food and drink to golfers throughout the round. This approach does not lend itself to three-hour rounds, but that's just fine - it's all about relaxation here, and the golf experience at Quivira is indeed a relaxing one.

For more in-depth study of the golf course, check out our review here.

The Experience

Cabanas on the beach at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica invite guests to relax in style.

One of the aspects of the experience that piqued my interest was Pueblo Bonito Pacifica's development of a team of highly-trained butlers to serve each guest of The Towers at Pacifica.

My butler, Aliyah, was friendly without being overly effusive, attentive without being irritating and helpful without being pushy. A couple days before I left Florida for Cabo, she emailed me to introduce herself and ask what service touches I might want her to set up in advance of my arrival. As soon as I met her and she personally checked me into my room (another Towers touch), she gave me a dedicated phone number which I could call at any hour. She seemed to enjoy her role in my and other guests' enjoyment of the resort. I will admit I didn't burden her very much, but anytime I needed something, she delivered. To me, this is the essence of quality service: it creates the impression of seamlessness.

Aliyah's proficiency at guest service was echoed throughout the property, as every employee with whom I interacted was friendly and helpful. During my time in Cabo, I learned that all Pueblo Bonito resorts are regarded as "schools of service," such that the company's overseers sometimes worry about their employees being poached by other resorts in the area. To counteract this, they aim to treat their employees as well as possible, in an effort to minimize turnover. It works, and the result is a well-earned high reputation for personalized attention.

Some other, quick points:

  • The drive into Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort is a unique one. Coming in from the town of Los Cabos by car, you pass a gatehouse and then climb a couple hundred feet of craggy seaside hill. Once you start your descent, the resort and the Pacific explode into view. It's quite an introduction.
  • I've mentioned the Pacific Ocean, and that's a huge deal in the whole Los Cabos/Cabo San Lucas area. The majority of the beachside resorts do not get to enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the sun setting on the watery horizon. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica guests do.
  • Stay tuned for some potential new developments on the golf side. Quivira's developers are inching closer to giving the go-ahead for the construction of a new golf course on the property. Like the original, this would be another Jack Nicklaus Signature design. It's in the planning stages, but given what we've heard about the routing, we're excited.

Jan 03, 2017

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Tom M wrote at 2017-03-01 20:27:25+00:00:

Hmmm. Be careful of this property! They canceled our fully paid reservation while on our flight to Cabo! We were booked for 2 months! It sure made for a high anxiety stay in the area!

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