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The Top 10 Golf Vacation Tips Of 2016

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Don't you just love those year-in-review shows that have been on TV lately?

In minutes, you get a recap of the year's most important happenings, and I'm always amazed there are a few stories I totally missed.

To that end, here is a list of -- and links to -- the 10 most popular golf vacation tips we published in 2016.

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The Top-10 Tips We Published in 2016...

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16 PGA Championship Courses You Can Play (62 comments)

Why Arnold Palmer Will Live Forever (53 comments)

The Dirty Little Secret About The Ryder Cup (53 comments)

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The Most Unusual Things We’ve Seen on Golf Vacations (42 comments)

Is Municipal Golf The Best Way To Grow The Game? (38 comments)

What Do You Think Of This New Way To Classify Golf Courses? (37 comments)

7 Confessions Of A Scratch Golfer (35 comments)

Can These Scenic Golf Courses Really Pass for Pebble Beach? (30 comments)

Hope you enjoyed these top tips from 2016...and here's to an even better year of golf in 2017!

Jan 03, 2017

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