ParMates provides another option for hiring female forecaddies on Las Vegas golf vacations.

Beautiful Caddies Battling for Your Las Vegas Golf Vacation Business

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ParMates provides another option for hiring female forecaddies on Las Vegas golf vacations.

New caddie programs are reshaping the Las Vegas golf vacation.

A couple years back, the Rees Jones-designed Rio Secco Golf Club had put together a unique forecaddie corps called “T-Mates,” described as “intensively trained” female caddies whose other assets include being “fun, outgoing, physically fit, reliable, attractive, entertaining, and supportive.”

Well, about a year ago, T-Mates got some competition in the (female) form of "ParMates" at sister courses Bali Hai and Royal Links, and things are, um, really getting hot out there.

Warning: if you're easily offended by seeing pictures of beautiful women in short skirts, you probably shouldn't follow this link. 

So far, Rio Secco’s response to ParMates has been to advise golfers that its T-Mates program is, “the only genuine female caddy program” and to “accept no imitators." Indeed, a  few seconds after visiting Rio Secco's website (, up pops a video of blond-haired Ashley explaining that T-Mates are, "the original and best female forecaddie program."

Rio Secco's T-Mates were the first dedicated female forecaddie corps available for Las Vegas golf vacations.

Not to be outdone, Royal Links' website ( features a video of the blond and bubbly Brittany, who describes the ParMates program quite provocatively: “Forget everything you’ve heard about caddie service because you’re in for a big surprise."

With ParMates, you can select and reserve a forecaddie in advace of your Las Vegas golf vacation.

While Brittany briefly explains the ParMates' caddie duties, she really emphasizes their beauty and the way they, “provide any encouragement you may need to help improve your game.” She says ParMates are good options for, “single players looking for companionship on the golf course,” or for "hosting ‘Mancation’ and bachelor party golf weekends” that will lead to, “the most memorable golf round of your life.”

Most memorable and probably most expensive. T-Mates and ParMates cost $200 and $225, respectively, more than any other forecaddie I've heard of (although there's a discount being offered on the ParMates Facebook page: "only" $175 by using promo code: Facebook-ParMates).

I have to say, if one were to avail oneself of this kind of forecaddie service, one might like the ParMates setup slightly more because their names (along with photos) are listed on the website and one can request specific caddies in advance. Again, if one were into this sort of thing.

A nationwide network, Caddychicks are available for Las Vegas golf vacations and other parts of the country, too.

By the way, there's a third female caddie corps out there called Caddychicks ( More like a nationwide network of independent contractors, you arrange for them to meet you at the course of your choice. I did a brief search and found plenty of caddies available for Las Vegas golf vacations.

Wow, three female caddie/forecaddie programs all launched in the last few years.

Now that's what I call stiff competition. Share your comments below.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The T-Mates program at Rio Secco was shelved in 2016, but the other two continue to be available today.

Nov 17, 2009

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Joe Rogan's avatar
Joe Rogan wrote at 2016-08-13 08:49:13+00:00:

I tried the Cirque du Soleil Acrobat Caddies. Ask for Dasha. Pretty funny name for their website too: findyourballs [dot] golf

Double D's avatar
Double D wrote at 2010-01-20 16:27:02+00:00:

Gives an all new meaning to the phrase "never up...never in"...

Mike Seeley's avatar
Mike Seeley wrote at 2009-12-02 05:09:46+00:00:

Check out VIP Caddymates for Female caddies available at any Las Vegas course that doesn't already have caddies. We are expanding to Phx and Orlando this month. Thanks, Mike.

Steven G.'s avatar
Steven G. wrote at 2009-11-23 22:11:48+00:00:

This is why I love Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig Better's avatar
Craig Better wrote at 2009-11-17 20:36:09+00:00:

Thanks, John. The way I see it, if you're not going for the course record or trying to shoot your career best (i.e. you just need someone to track errant shots, tend the pin, fetch coffee, etc.) why not make it one of these attractive gals rather than an ugly guy?

John Biddle's avatar
John Biddle wrote at 2009-11-17 20:12:56+00:00:

That is totally awesome! Great story. Count me in.

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