XXIO Forged Irons

XXIO Forged Irons: A Great New Option For A Range Of Golfers

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Okay, first thing's first:

It's spelled "XXIO" and it's pronounced "Zek-see-oh."

Secondly, it might be the most consequential golf equipment brand you've never - or barely - heard of.

That's because until recently, XXIO, which is owned by the same company as Cleveland and Srixon, has done the vast majority of its business in Japan.

But they're expanding pretty aggressively to the U.S., and that's worthy of your attention if you're even remotely in the market for new clubs.

We'll show you why in two parts. First, XXIO's exceptional Forged irons.

XXIO Forged Irons

Starting With The Obvious...

The Forged irons from XXIO want to call your attention to their construction, and for good reason. The carbon steel used in their construction provides buttery-soft feel, which is a huge selling point in our opinion.

After all, even though cast irons continue to dominate the market, and make improvements in metal quality, there are many golfers who just prefer the feel that forged irons offer, no matter what.

Major Synergy

XXIO, being under the same umbrella as Cleveland and Srixon, gets to share in the technology touches found within the offerings of its sibling brands. With regard to the XXIO Forged irons, the most important example of this synergy is in the VT Sole, which we discussed as part of Srixon's new Z Series irons. Bottom line, this sole construction helps get the bottom of the club through the turf for a smoother feel through impact and added consistency, especially out of the rough.

Baby Steps

A lot of major golf equipment manufacturers seemingly tout every new club as nothing short of revolutionary. Cleveland, Srixon and XXIO prefer to take a more incremental approach. In the case of the new XXIO Forged irons, a 20% expansion of the cavity leads to faster ball speeds not just on perfectly-struck shots, but on thin misses as well.

What this means: for example, you may notice that shots that used to end up in the front bunker are now carrying onto the front fringe, leaving you a better chance to save a par after a mediocre approach.

High-Performance Engines

Finally, the virtues of XXIO Forged irons are not limited to the heads. The shafts - which we liken to the "engine" of the golf club - are of high quality as well, and engineered to provide more pop than your current irons. For traditionalists, the N.S. PRO 930GH DST steel shafts offer a slightly firmer tip section in order to help you flight shots down when desired.

XXIO shafts

Golfers  looking for lighter weight and more power will gravitate toward XXIO's MX-6000 graphite shafts, which are geared toward maximizing distance, achieved through a softer tip and tendency toward higher trajectory.

If you're intrigued by the less mainstream and more artisanal streak in the golf club business, XXIO is a brand you should be excited to learn about.

XXIO Forged irons will be available through authorized XXIO dealers (full list available here) from $1,019.99 with steel shafts, and from $1,259.00 with graphite shafts (both sets 5-PW; 4 iron, AW and SW available separately).

Click here to learn more about the brand-new XXIO Forged irons.

Dec 06, 2016

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chuck wrote at 2016-12-06 16:44:07+00:00:

I play Srixon irons , the product is excellent.I have been playing Srixon irons before they were popular with the tour. They are just as good as the $300.00 plus clubs,try them you will see immediately.

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