Brian Clancy UK

May I support the higher handicap argument! I only took the game up when I was 50 and only started playing twice a week when I recently retired at 75yrs, so that clearly puts me in my competence category - I got down to 18 but am now a 27 handicapper. Now, at 78 this week, I still like to play in our seniors' and members roll-ups and games. It is enjoyable and I see golf as a way of keeping reasonably fit, plus many other pleasant advantages. With more older people now trying to keep going, golf is an exceptionally good activity for them in my view.

Dick Thompson

How is, " factoring in memory of previous demonstrated ability for better responsiveness and control," handled mathematically? Pretty nebulous as stated. Too late now, but wouldn't it have been better to use statistics and probability to calculate a score which someone has a 20% chance (the present target) of beating? You know, bell curves, standard deviation and all. This would be based on all scores, The average of your 8 best rounds is just an estimation trying to accomplish the same thing. That would also take care of your 54 handicapper shooting a 115 scenario, since presumably his bell curve would be much wider.

Ralph Wagner

The discussion regarding the 10 handicapper vs the 54 handicappers doesn’t sound logical. While a 54 could shoot 115, it’s not probable. If the 54 handicapper has improved to be shooting 115 on a regular basis the daily revision of handicaps should have already reduced the 54 particularly with using only the best 8 scores in the calculations.

John Ward

Leave the system as it currently is
As an aside , anyone who shoots 130 will not play the game if it doesn’t improve


im a proud 130 shooter and not about to quit

Robin Prescott

I need to bring Mike Bailey up to date with golf in Scotland. Apparently, we only report 2 to 3 scores per year. In fact, if we report 2 or less, the handicap lapses. My club has, perhaps, more competitions than many others but I expect to play over 40 competitive rounds at my home club that will count for handicap this year. As for foursomes, this may still be popular in traditional clubs such as Muirfield, but elsewhere it is rarely used for bounce games and most clubs will have just the occasional foursomes competition. An advantage of the current handicap system here is that you are effectively forced to decide in advance whether your round will count for handicap by the act of taking part in a competition. There is no option to cheat the system in either direction by putting in scores that fit your purposes. On the other hand, I am looking forward to seeing the slope system in operation here as a six handicapper at a difficult course in Scotland will be a better player than a six handicapper at an easy course.

George Gordon

The changes are worth trying. However, four balls are often frowned upon for medal rounds. How are those of us who like that format regularly going to be accepted when speeding up play in competitions is one of the aims?

James Glenn

I have an issue with taking the best 8 of the last 20 scores as an average for your handicap. You should take the average of the last 20 scores. Why only the best? I know the USGA system currently takes the best 10 of the last 20 and then adjusts handicaps downward if someone has a great score in one tournament. This defeats the purpose of the handicap system by giving an advantage to low handicap golfers who are much more consistent in their game.

James Glenn

I don't understand the limit of net double bogey on the maximum score. Does this mean that for handicap purposes, you cannot score any hole greater than 7 when putting scores into the GHIN system? So that the maximum score for 18 holes would be 126? Elaborate.


It’s too easy to play and not post a score. I’ve played for 40 years at public, semi-private, and private courses where there are plenty of people who don’t post a score every time they play. I’ve known sandbaggers who don’t post their low rounds and reverse baggers that don’t post their high rounds and even players that adjust some holes because of mulligans. How will the new system stop this?


Whatever. Does everything have to be "global"? More emphasis should be on getting people started in golf with rules knowledge, etiquette and basic skills. Us that attempt to play the game by the rules and try to improve would appreciate other players that aren't there to drink, play obnoxious loud music and retry shots until they get one they like while we wait and wait and wait.