Jim Cocchi
Combined Muni Golf Course subsidies in Florida exceed 20 ml annually,, And on top of that the loss of Miilions in Real Estate taxes lost due to the closing of courses and devaluing home values on courses..
I think a good idea would be to design a golf course where each player can use only three clubs and a putter. That way, based on the layout, each player could pick only four clubs. You could easily carry your own clubs and it would even things up. Think about it.
To bad it sits in the middle of the Hood. I'd get a concealed carry license before I went there.
Hugh G - yeah don’t bother. With a bigoted attitude like that the only folks that will miss you are the ball recycling businesses, who will miss out on all the free inventory hackers like you provide.
And we’re very thankful that we won’t have deal with paranoid blow hards like this. Please stay in your ‘burbs tracks and we’ll all be happy. Thanks for your cooperation!
Gervais Warren
Fascinating article. Having grown up in Scotland playing the local muni and working on it when a student I have a lot of time for munis. I don’t care much for expensive country clubs. I see them as being contrary to the egalitarianism that early golf was all about. Everybody played regardless of social status- you were all equal on the course. . I love reading succes stories like this and hope to hear more similar stories.
I like that as a 501(c), money from the course does not go elsewhere, but the question has to be asked, do they get any city money? If not, they will live and die by collected fees which can lead to ever-increasing green fees, or outside gifts which may not always be available. It will be interesting to see how successful they are.
Well, you got everybody’s attention with the “new model for muni’s” title, but no mention of how it’s a “model”... Seven-plus mil is certainly not an answer for most muni’s - and traditional revenue streams are obviously not an answer for ongoing viability. We got a course review - where is the “model” info ? What is or will be different ? Glad to see any old course redone with new infrastructure - but now what ? Same ol same ol ?
The model is that it's not taxpayer funded, unlike most munis, and the revenue raised by the course is re-invested into the course, not used to fund other courses or other municipal parks. Additionally, the HGA knows it has to maintain a good product (e.g. good conditions) for the tee sheets to remain full. As long that happens, it will sustain itself. As for how $7.6 million raised, it came from donations from individuals as well as larger benefactors as the neighborhood groups looked to fend off the soccer and botanic garden takeovers.
Jim Cocchi
Great idea Invest $ 7.6 million How much more money is the Renovated Course projected to lose now ?? Munis in Florida lose upwards of 20 million a year.. Texas Market must be outstanding Good Luck
Charlie Clarke
How can a muni lose $20 million? Even with zero revenue that would be impossible.
Good article, but how was the money raised? $7.6M en route to $10.6M is a large amount for any organization to raise. If this could be a model, that is an important part of the story.