These guys are playing for a paycheck..I'll give them some leeway..however,I think slow play can be allieviated on the greens....PUTT THROUGH! No marking,cleaning,lining,, remarking etc. Once on the green..player puts through..period. mark once...clean,line once, PUTT THROUGH to hole.


You want to speed up,play;
1- require each player to use a range finder.
2- play ready golf. Hit it and move on.


Unfortunately, for the vast majority of recreational golfers, range finders are another element causing slow play. I have often seen 110+ players take out the range finder for 15 yards chip shots. Or a good player take out the range finder while almost stepping on the 250 yards marker. Too often , using the range finder has become part of the pre-shot ritual, like aligning the friggin' line on a putt.

Even for the pros, it's doubtful range finders would help, as the caddies know the exact distance, and much of the pre-shot discussion revolves about the wind, and then waiting for the "proper" wind before hitting.

We all have heard Bryson D. discuss with his caddie if his backswing should be 10:25 or 10:28 long.


I am part of a group of ladies who play "efficient golf" - we don't drive to each ball but park midway, while waiting to putt we fix any plug marks left by others and similarly for divot repair while waiting to hit. Measurements are made while approaching our ball and we don't need to measure for every shot - especially on a par 3 you play every day and the only thing that changes is the pin placement. and walking smartly is important - dawdling because you like a nice outing and want to take your time is not on. being ready is naturally important but it isn't on everyone's list of must do.


I think that it is time to allow all Pro golfers the opportunity to use GPS devices to speed up play
No longer will the players or caddies have to pace off their shots when they don't hit it in the fairway or 1st cut.
Also. only let the players mark their balls on the green only once in their alignment for their putt.
Remarking their alignment wastes time!!!


Sorry most of us never had or will have a caddie. It comes down to a lack of respect for fellow players. Course marshals need too politely tell people to pick up the pace or pick up the ball and skip a hole. Taking over four hrs to play comes down to narcissistic people. Move it or move over!

JJ Keegan

Very astute observations. Would also advocate unrealistically, that no one should be able to play until they have worked on the grounds crew for a day to gain a great appreciation for what the members of the GCSAA undertake to create a great golf experience.


Brad Klein is correct on several points but I would add that some of the reason for slow play is new players are not learning the basics before starting. My first group lesson over 22 years ago I never touched a club. We talked about scoring, rules, and etiquette which included how to keep pace. If this were still taught it would help. I give some credit to the PGA as I am now seeing more pros "clean up" rather than mark the short putts. This sends a message to us mortals that it's good to putt out and get out of the way. It's amazing how the little things can add up to big time savings when extrapolated over 18 holes. Thanks for calling attention to this important topic.


The problem just keeps on marching. I have belonged to private clubs for over 20 years, last year I quit that. The problem we had was the managers were scared to upset the members whether they be older or just not good at the game. So the rest of us just sat behind them watching for an hour longer than posted time.
Since that time I am playing at courses probably not as "nice" but can always get a round in less that four hours, no problem. They are "patrolled" by kind but frank employees that I appreciate. Slow play should not be accepted at any level of the game.


Amen brother. Sub 4 hour rounds are great. Nothing like a good sense of rhythm to help the game. A fact many playing today do not realize.


As a member of a private course we play on Wednesdays and Fridays at noon. We have a 4 or 5 in a group and can play around 3 to 3 1/2 hours. We have around 15 total players and are sitting in the bar paying our bets or getting paid by 4 o'clock. We do use carts. At times a group or two get in front of us and sometimes we have to wait then call the pro shop and they come out to tell them to step aside. If you can't play in less than 4 hours you are wasting time. Most of us are 10 or less handicap players. Time is why I don't play local tournaments they are 5 hour + rounds.


i know of a person that used to weight until he arrived at his golf ball for the next short to the green and then get the yardage wind direction and slope and took forever to hit his next short. i suggested to him why not try to start figuring all this information out on the way to the ball as i do so when i arrive at my ball i usually know all the information i need and what club to use. he does this now and has made a big difference and his game has not suffered at all. hope this will help other slow players out.