If it gets rained out on Sunday can you use those tickets on Monday would they sell tickets for monday

MikeBaileyGA Staff

The Masters does not issue rain checks of any kind, but if Sunday's round is rained out and there is play on Monday, Sunday's tickets are valid for Monday. There are no additional tickets sold for any play beyond Sunday, should there be play on Monday, according to our sources at Augusta


I was wondering myself

Jan Zeller

Can the public ever get in to Augusta national for a chore, not during an event?


So if I buy 2 Ticket and Lodging packages from one of the hospitality companies in my name, can I resell one of them at a profit on the side to pay partially or fully for my package? Do they need the names of both people attending upon purchase, or could I simply attempt to sell the other package?

Bertha Inkson

What is meant by a “row badge”?

MikeBaileyGA Staff

Hi Bertha, just curious where you heard that term. I know there are series badges and daily tickets (sold out, of course), but I am not familiar with row badges. As far as I know there's no reserved seating per se around the greens, but you can stake out a place if you get there early. I also checked with the Masters ticket office and a senior official there told me they were unaware of such a badge.

scott Adams

It's interesting that you talked about how you'll need to choose things at the gift shop quickly because it will be crowded. I have been planning on going to the masters this year and I wasn't sure how to prepare. I can see how it would be nice to buy things at the shop as fast as I can. That way, I won't have to worry about making other people wait longer.


How strict are they about not having patrons go into the golf shop? Do they have a guard or somebody there checking your badge?


Whats the rule for cameras

MikeBaileyGA Staff

You can take all the pictures you want during practice rounds and even the par 3 contest, but once the tournament starts, no cameras and absolutely no cell phones (the latter of which is different that PGA Tour policy).


That's not true and I was pissed last year....I went to Tuesday's practice round and they DO NOT allow cellphones at all...I was told that you would be escorted off-site if caught with a cellphone! For all the money we paid for tickets, $500 each, I was very very disappointed with this rule!!!




I have Wednesday practice round tix and can't wait to get there!  My cell phone is my camera, is this allowable as long as I'm not using the phone for anything other than pictures, or do I need to go buy a digital camera?


I wouldn't risk it. Go buy a digital camera. I'm from New Zealand, and applied for the lottery, and didn't get anything. Considered shelling out on Stubhub etc but to go all that way would be a $20,000 NZD trip for a week based on the scalping rates. Will try for the lottery next year haha. All the best, jealous doesn't begin to describe it.....


Jones Creek has out of bounds stakes on almost every hole. It is a neighborhood course which discourages walking. It is in good shape, but I think this type of course is what is wrong with recreational golf.Forest Hills is a classic park style course and walker friendly. I would play it over Jones Creek.