John Wesson

If you need an Arizona Golfer to give accurate ratings for AZ. Courses I could help you.
Wigwam has no place on your list. God bless! John Wesson 2489091595
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That video. Faces and voices made for. Not Videos.


Southern Dunes is an awesome course. Always in great shape and worth the money. I come to Phoenix every year and alway play there at least once. One time I played it 4 times in 3 days.

Mark Oldak

Gold Canyon is a great track and the views are perfect. I have played there 3 times and I keep going back. Troon North is a must


Super late to the party here, but going in a couple of months and need some feedback. I played, and loved, We-Ko-Pa. Are there any other courses that aren't surrounded by houses or condos?

MikeBaileyGolf Staff

There are, and one that I certainly recommend is Southern Dunes, which not only has one of the more unique courses in the area but terrific practice facilities that include a short course.


LOVE Southern Dunes & Quintero, great list, haven`t played Wigwam.


I'll be playing by myself and am looking at 18 holes.  I am also looking at public golf courses for the cost savings. Could you offer recommendations based on this criteria?Thank you!


Papago is truly a hidden gem. Ak chin southern dunes you can play for around $100 or less depending on time of day. If you don't mind a drive Wickenburg Ranch as mentioned above is not boring.


Which 9 at westin funnels inward?  We are playing there in two weeks, and frankly, we are not that good.

MikeBaileyGolf Staff

That would be the Acacia Nine. It's by no means easy, but off the tee, there's a pretty good chance you'll find the fairway because of the banks, especially on the right side of most holes. 


Thanks again for a great article, even though I disagree on some of your choices.

I would definitely add Gold Canyon and Talking Stick to this list and omit Wigwam.  Troon is awesome, but overpriced IMHO.  I have never had the opportunity to play Quintero yet, but I have heard some great comments - I will try to get out there this Summer. WeKoPa reigns supreme in my opinion.

Really enjoy the banter back and forth between members, thanks guys!



Mike - great list yet I think you missed the mark by including the wigwam. You could substitute gold canyon and not go wrong. 

MikeBaileyGolf Staff

Yep, Gold Canyon was definitely a candidate, but I was impressed with what they did with the Wigwam renovation.