The Worst Golf Gifts for Dads and Grads

This is the time of year when everyone comes out with their lists of, "Best Golf Gifts for Dads and Grads."

Well, I want to talk about the worst, which are far more common.

Hey, I know it's hard to buy stuff for golfers, especially if the gift giver doesn't play.

And don't get me wrong, the thoughts and gestures are always appreciated.

The products themselves?

That's another story.

For me, the worst golf gift was the above roll of "golf toilet paper," which was simply a cheap roll of toilet tissue probably marked up 1000% because it had some lame line about, "the 19th hole" imprinted on it.

Clever, I know.

Needless to say, it has never been used (but it does sit under the sink in case of emergencies).

I've also received...

- a "golf ball personalizer" clamp, which was great at mangling expensive golf balls...

- a monocular "golf scope," which required an advanced knowledge of triangulation to use it...

- a few "executive desk sets" from different companies, yet all had a golf ball-shaped clock and a golf club- or golf flag-shaped pen.

Again, before you jump all over me for being cold hearted, I always appreciate when someone invests any amount of time, effort, thought, and/or money to give a gift.

In fact, the best golf gifts I've received aren't even tangible.

They happen when I watch my five-year-old daughter whack her mini-clubs in the backyard and when my 3-year-old son excitedly yells, "golf, golf, golf!" when he sees it on TV.

When someone you love shows an interest in something you love, it's better than any "thing" you can buy.

Of course, a golf trip to Scotland is nice, too ;)

How about you? What was the worst -- or best --  golf gift you ever received?

Please share your thoughts or read what others are saying below:

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The imprinter is in my garage next to the box of old Topflites. I thought my mother in law was trying to drive me crazy with that golf ball in the globe until I finally got it on the tee. Now I use it for my sobriety test.

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I mentioned to my wife one time that I liked 2- and 3-irons, but modern sets don't seem to include them. So they found me a three at Goodwill for $3.99. I had it regripped and like it--most of the time. She also gave me a battery-operated club cleaner which didn't really work, so I exchanged it for a manual one of the same value. As for my plastic clicker, I use and love it.

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My wife never got me a golf gift until we'd been married 33 years. She dislikes my love of golf. My daughter-in-law got my son overnight outings to play Pinehurst #2 and Kiawah Ocean Course the last 2 Christmases. My wife regaled me with the same great gifts. So don't despair. There is still hope for better gifts in the years ahead!

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I know Mother's Day is past, but I just thought I would tell you what a good Mother's Day gift is for a golfer: A round of golf without having to worry about the kids! My kids always spent Mother's Day mornings without me because I was out on the course, usually by myself, enjoying the solitude!

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Pat Michaud has the BEST idea

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My wife gave me golf lessons, one hour each for my four children(young adults). I sat and watched, as each of them took their turn. The idea that they would then take their father out for a round never quite materialized, but watching the kids compete during the lesson was great!

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Worst gift...glow in the dark golf ball! Who plays golf at night?

Best gift: Two days & three nights at the Pebble Beach Lodge, with rounds of golf at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay golf courses! Compliments of my three children and their spouses for my 70th birthday!

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Yeah, the golf ball personalizer was definitely the worst.
The best gift I ever got was actually a gift I gave my wife. For her 65th birthday, she told me she wanted to play the Old Course in St. Andrews. Having been there twice myself I knew how to set it up with a local tour operator, Links Golf St. Andrews, located a wedge shot from the 18th green. They got us a suite in the Old Course Hotel overlooking the Road Hole. They arranged for my wife to get one of the three female caddies at the Old Course. When the volcano in Iceland blew its top, the Links Golf folks got us a discount on more nights in St. Andrews and additional golf as well as a couple of nights in Edinburgh and a trip to the local doctor to get prescriptions refilled. What could have been a disaster for us turned out great thanks to the great effort put forth by Links Golf St. Andrews.

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My mother was always trying to find something unique to get me for golfing. Unfortunately I haven't used much of these well intended gifts. So if a non golfer asks you for a gift idea just say a gift certificate to Golfsmith, Dick's etc. Then you will always get what you want.

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Golf ball personalizer is a winner of one of the least desireable I ever got. Also got "Putter Pool". I walk the course (ride only in tournaments or if I'm hurt) so a cooler that looks like a golf bag and sits in the cart basket was another entirely useless one. Over the years there have been many others that I've gladly forgotten.

What would be GREAT: A Dozen Pro-V's or NXT's are always good. Gift Certificates to Golf Smith, Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts, the Club I belong to, etc. Golf Shirts are a hit as well. Rant Over! Thank you for the opportunity & forum to "vent"!

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