The Worst Golf Outing Prize Of All Time

Have you ever played in an golf outing that gave out terrible prizes or goodie bags?

See if you can top this:

In my previous job at an advertising agency, I played in a golf outing hosted by one of our clients, a food company.

On one of the par threes, I hit a perfect 6-iron to about four feet and proceeded to win the closest-to-the-pin prize.

My colleagues could barely contain their laughter when they told me what I’d won:

My prize was a year’s supply of...lima beans.

(I assume you've had 'em, so you know it was effectively a lifetime supply.)

This definitely trumped my previous "worst golf prize/gift," a hideous Michelob Ultra-logoed golf bag.

If those lima beans aren't the worst golf outing prize ever, I don’t know what is. But if you can top it in the comments, I’ll send you a can!

If there’s a happy ending to this story, it’s the comfort of knowing that not every golf tournament gift or prize is a dud.

In fact, a lot of them can be pretty useful.

For example, my current rain suit is a hand-me-down from the “swag bag” at a corporate golf outing my father attended some years ago.

And my go-to reversible windbreaker came from a pro-am my father played in back when the Travelers Championship was still known as the Greater Hartford Open.

I got to tag along with him that day and remember how much fun it was being inside the ropes at a PGA Tour event. Putting it on always brings good memories.

Speaking of memories, I'd love to hear yours -- what are the best and worst outing or tournament prizes/gifts you've received?

Please share your thoughts or read what others are saying below.

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Once won an IT industry tourney on a course with 40 mph winds and large palm tree fronds crashing down around us. Got a Titleist hat (with the magnetic ball marker). Inside the exhibition hall they were giving away $500 laptops and personal electronics.

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I was in a tournament one day and there was a toilet out in the middle of the fairway and whoever was the closest got a prize. The prize ended being a 4 pack roll of toilet paper. I didn't win but I thought was funny and I still laugh about it. The tournament wax 15 years ago and still this day I can't help but laugh.

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The golf tournament I attended had a trip to Greece give away upon having a hole in one on a 194 yard, par three. They decorated the tee with a special theme, and served special liquors to celebrate the opportunity . After making the hole in one shot, I was informed there was actually no trip purchased. Prize equaled zero.

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OMG! they're supposed to buy event insurance to cover if someone wins a prize like that! that's so shitty. sorry!!!

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I had a hole in one at a four man scramble tournament, my prize was a gift certificate for a medium cheese pizza, at a pizza shop 35 miles away. I kept the gift certificate instead of turning it in as the gas to drive there would have cost more than the pizza.

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I dumped five bucks into the kitty for a putting contest during a corporate sponsored outing. At the time of my entry no one had holed out. I drained two out of three. Upon announcing my name and asking me up to collect the prize money, a guy shouted I was not in their outing, I was with the other outing. The rest is history. I was immediately disqualified and they wouldn't even return my five buck entry fee. Sore losers at best.

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Craig, thanks for featuring the Stonehouse Desk Caddy, in the "pretty decent" category.

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Playing in a corporate, christmas golf day. ( which I won ) The first prize was a free membership to the club. ( already being a member I was not allowed to claim ) Worse was to follow as I had the first choice pick at the booze table ( all bottles wrapped in plain paper )" you guest it " a large bottle of club Soda.

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At our annual convention we always have a $10,000 hole in one on a par 3. Two days before the tournament I played a round of golf on the same course and made a Hole in one on that par three. I didn't even hit the green on the day of the golf tournament - Right hole wrong day ! ! - And No Prize

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I made what I thought was a hole in one on a rainy day,But in removing the impacted ball from the back of the cup with a divot tool, I did not do what I thought was ridiculous waste of time in then placing the ball on the edge of the cup where it would have fallen to the bottom of the cup.The Club Pro asked me whether I had placed the ball on the edge of the cup? I said of course not and he then disqualified me for signing an incorrect scorecard since a shot is not considered a hole in one until it lands in the bottom of the cup.My partner did not bother to put his birdie since we thought it was a given that it was a hole in one.Our opponents congratulated me for what they also thought was a hole in one.The USGA confirmed the PRO correctly applied the Rule.Not all of the Rules of Golf make any practical sense!

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Wow those are quite the stories. I have one to add, but everyone loves it, I run a charity golf outing for a small private school, we have wonderful prizes but one of the favorites relates to a prize for a par three, the hole in one on that holes wins a car or jeep, however the hole is behind a pond and fountain and we have a prize for the closest to the pond (without going in), the prize....... a ball retriever and dozen golf balls! Loads of laughs and very coveted!

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