Kapalua placed high on Golf Advisor's all-time Top 100 list.  (Mike Bailey/Golf Advisor)

Top 10 articles in 2017 on Golf Advisor, and our top reviewers of the year

Golfers love reading about the best golf, how to save money on golf, and closed-for-good golf.

That's our takeaway based on traffic and engagement with our articles posted in 2017.

In case you missed any of our most popular articles of the year, we've included the 10 most-read below, as well as our most engaged-with social posts, video and top reviewers.

Top 10 most-read articles in 2017

Top 50 courses in 2016

The top-rated courses of the year, all based on your review data.

The search for better trajectory

Everyone wants to get on a Trackman, but few of us can afford one or schlep it around with us on the road. So portable launch monitors are becoming very popular. Mike Bailey checked out five of the best.

Best destinations to visit in 2017

New and revitalized golf courses and resorts could be found all over the world in 2017.

Our first-five-years Top 100

By now you are probably familiar with our user-sourced, yearly best-of lists. In 2017, we celebrated five years of reviews by posting our all-time Top 100 to date.

Golden rules of golf course etiquette

Sometimes we could all use a refresher of the rules. When the President of the U.S. was spotted driving his golf cart on the green, Mike Bailey took the opportunity to compile the biggest etiquette no-nos in the game.

Courses we lost

Golf courses continue to close for redevelopment all over the country. These 12 were the most notable to shutter in 2017.

The best value destinations

We laid out 10 (actually, 20) great golf trips you can take on a budget in North America.

Amelia Island abruptly closes ocean course

Omni's abrupt closure of the Ocean Links course this fall had a lot of golfers scratching their heads.

A trackable, un-losable ball?

To many golfers, the Genius Ball sounded a too good (and too expensive) to be true.

The only things we have to fear...

...Are these ten things that could happen at the course.

Top reviewers of the year

Most reviews goes to our Local Golf Advisor in Alabama, BrandonWebb, who submitted 114 reviews this year! Brandon also submitted the most images within his revies with an even 400. Nice shooting! You can follow Brandon on Instagram at 'BrandonWebb1127'.

Most helpful reviewer goes to our Alberta Local Golf Advisor 'David1684852' received the most helpful votes with 167 upvotes. Well done, David!

Top destination video of the year: Golf on Cape Breton Island

Most-reviewed course of the year

The South Course at Indian Canyons received a whopping 273 reviews, while the North Course at Indian Canyons wasn't far behind at 213. 17 courses received more than 200 reviews over the course of 2017.

Most-liked Instagram post: Old Head Golf Links

Top tweet: Tiger unveils new Big Cedar project

Jan 01, 2018

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