Top 10 courses in Minnesota according to Golf Advisor reviews in 2015

2016 is a big year for Minnesota golf, as the Ryder Cup Matches come to Hazeltine this fall, and the spotlight of the golf world along with it.

Thousands of golf fans will descend on the Minneapolis area looking to play their own games around the city and throughout the state. Prestigious Hazeltine, of course, is very private, but there are plenty of other places to play both around the Twin Cities and also further north in the land of Bob Dylan, Minnesota's Iron Range.

The Land of 10,000 Lakes has a whole bunch of fun, affordable golf courses. Golf Advisor uncovered the 10 top-rated courses of the year according to your ratings and reviews. Rankings are based on a facility's combination of their overall and subcategory ratings. You can read reviews and see rating details of each course by clicking on their course page.

Top 10 golf courses in Minnesota

10. Eagle Valley Golf Course


9. Cannon Golf Club

Cannon Falls

8. Hidden Greens Golf Course


7. The Jewel Golf Club

Lake City

6. Albion Ridges Golf Course


5. Mississippi Dunes Golf Links

Cottage Grove

4. Little Crow Country Club


3. Long Bow Golf Club


2. Kimball Golf Club


1. Giants Ridge Golf & Ski Resort*


* Denotes 36-hole facility

Mar 04, 2016

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