Top 25 courses in Arizona according to Golf Advisor reviews in 2015

It's one of America's most coveted warm-weather golf destinations. Arizona boasts plenty of excellent public and resort golf, from Sedona and Flagstaff in the north, to Phoenix-Scottsdale's 200-plus options, then down to Tucson, where plenty more unique courses await.

With thousands of reviews coming in from Golf Advisor readers in 2015, we've tallied up each course's score to find the 25 best. The score is made up of a course's overall score combined with its subcategory scores, also with attention paid to number of reviews and how active reviewers who scored the course have been on Golf Advisor.

There was pretty significant movement in the rankings for the top Arizona golf courses as rated by Golf Advisor reviewers from 2014 to 2015. Tucson's Sewailo Golf Club, which opened in 2013, is climbing in ratings as it matures. It was the top-rated course in Arizona in 2015 and placed in the top 10 nationally among reviewers on Golf Advisor. A big reason why may be the price point. The course, part of Casino Del Sol, is just $81 in the peak months, which is far below the median price of the top courses in Phoenix-Scottsdale.

Quintero Golf Club, which was the state's no. 1-rated course in 2014, slid to no. 16, but still edged out out other high-end destination courses such as Troon North and Ak-Chin Southern Dunes. You can click on each course page to view full reviews and ratings details.

Courses needed a minimum of 20 reviews in the calendar year to qualify.

Top 25 courses in Arizona in 2015 on Golf Advisor

25. Tubac Golf Resort

Architects: Red Lawrence, Ken Kavanaugh

24. Corte Bella Golf Club

Sun City West
Architect: Greg Nash

23. Faldo Course at Wildfire Golf Club

Architect: Nick Faldo

22. Palmer Course at Wildfire Golf Club

Architect: Arnold Palmer

21. Tonto Verde Golf Club*

Rio Verde
Architects: David Graham, Gary Panks

20. Vistas Course at Westbrook Village

Architect: Ken Kavanaugh

19. Troon North Golf Club*

Architects: Tom Weiskopf, Jay Morrish

18. Devil's Claw at Whirlwind Golf Club

Architect: Gary Panks

17. Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club

Architect: Brian Curley

16. Quintero Golf Club

Architect: Rees Jones

15. Ventana Canyon Golf Club*

Architect: Tom Fazio

14. Poston Butte Golf Club

Architect: Gary Panks

13. Legacy Golf Club

Architect: Gary Panks

12. Starr Pass Golf Club

Architects: Bob Cupp, Arnold Palmer

11. The Boulders Resort Golf Club*

Architects: Jay Morrish, Gary Panks

10. Arizona National Golf Club

Architect: Robert Trent Jones Jr.

9. The Golf Club of Estrella

Architect; Jack Nicklaus Jr.

8. Omni Tucson National Golf Resort*

Architects: Bruce Devlin, Robert von Hagge, Tom Lehman

7. The Golf Club at Dove Mountain

Architect Jack Nicklaus

6. Los Caballeros Golf Club

Architect: Greg Nash, Jeff Hardin

5. Oakcreek Country Club

Architects: Robert Trent Jones Sr., Robert Trent Jones Jr.

4. Copper Canyon Golf Club

Architects: Lee Schmidt, Brian Curley

3. Verrado Golf Club

Architects: Tom Lehman, John Fought

2. Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale

Architects: Jay Morrish, Tom Weiskopf

1. Sewailo Golf Club

Architects: Notah Begay, Ty Butler

*Denotes 36-hole facility.

Feb 01, 2016

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azdrummer's avatar
azdrummer wrote at 2016-04-23 00:15:58+00:00:

Wow.........As I am reading your rankings, then rereading them again, out of my mouth comes " must have been given free golf at these course, to have included them". Only to read the 1st two comments suggesting the same thing.How on earth could so many of AZs' top ranked courses (by the other 50 or so AZ golf course rankings btw), be missing from your list? 

You are trying to say that Sewailo Golf Course in Tucson is better than Stadium TPC, We-Ko-Pa (either course), Troon N or S or even Boulders????? And they are 6th in NATION???? Is this a joke?? And just to clarify..... you mean Sewailo golf course that I have NEVER even seen ranked in an AZ top 20 ranking?? You mean that one??PLEASE explain how you derived at these rankings?  What reviews are you talking about?

BrandonTuckerGA's avatar
BrandonTuckerGA Staff wrote at 2016-04-23 01:20:39+00:00:

These are based on ratings submitted by anyone throughout the year, not the staff. 

Topmouse's avatar
Topmouse wrote at 2016-02-17 22:28:25+00:00:

Not really "top" courses.  These are just some that are apparently  popular with a certain level of golfer.  I've played with some of these people and they won't give a good rating to any course that they consider too difficult.  One even just called some "tricked up" when they couldn't score well on it.

dabreu's avatar
dabreu wrote at 2016-02-05 15:37:23+00:00:

How does Wickenburg Ranch GC not make the list?  It is easily in my top 3!!

BrandonTuckerGA's avatar
BrandonTuckerGA Staff wrote at 2016-02-05 15:55:27+00:00:

It has done very well on our site so far but not quite enough reviews to qualify in 2015.

u00000297244's avatar
u00000297244 wrote at 2016-02-05 14:48:12+00:00:

It is obvious that Golf Advisor was compensated to create a list like this....

How can you exclude both courses @ WeKoPa?  Ranked #2 + #4 last year (if I'm not mistaken) and this year BAM! - gone?  Also, Talking Stick North, another Coore/Crenshaw design deserves a place among your Top 25.

Too bad - I was actually looking forward to this list...maybe next year?


BrandonTuckerGA's avatar
BrandonTuckerGA Staff wrote at 2016-02-05 14:57:28+00:00:

We-Ko-Pa simply didn't receive enough reviews last year to qualify. Hopefully this year. 

Talking Stick didn't fare particularly well last year, as its overall score was below 4 and in the middle of the pack. 

oooooooaaaaaak's avatar
oooooooaaaaaak wrote at 2016-02-17 18:59:59+00:00:

Talking Stick (both courses) are totally lame.

golfsouthwes's avatar
golfsouthwes wrote at 2016-02-05 13:48:57+00:00:

Sorry...not a very good list at all. How about both We-Ko-Pa Courses or SunRidge Canyon? Even Eagle Mountain should be in there for consideration. has video on all the above mentioned tracks.

BrandonTuckerGA's avatar
BrandonTuckerGA Staff wrote at 2016-02-05 14:58:43+00:00:

We-Ko-Pa didn't receive enough reviews to qualify. SunRidge Canyon came close but maybe now that it will have a full year post-reno it will make the 2016 list. Eagle Mountain's overall score was below 4 and in the middle of the pack. 

lshedden's avatar
lshedden wrote at 2016-02-26 15:46:45+00:00:

Doesn't receive enough reviews because it costs $235 a round !! People that can afford that don't  write reviews, too busy playing places the rest of can't afford...

GolfAZNowww's avatar
GolfAZNowww wrote at 2016-02-04 22:25:40+00:00:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WORST RANKING I have ever seen. What ever you are smoking please sell it, make millions and hire someone who know how to do a course rating. God bless!

raftguy's avatar
raftguy wrote at 2016-02-16 23:08:05+00:00:

I think you need to understand the criteria on which the list was created before "HaHa"ing it.  It's based on reviews from users.  There are a couple of courses that are missing, some could be rated higher, and some that seem to be rated higher than I'd suggest, but it's not that bad that it deserves the dissing that you've given it.  It's a very subjective rating.

oooooooaaaaaak's avatar
oooooooaaaaaak wrote at 2016-02-17 19:01:48+00:00: leads me to believe this list is junk

drmoon55's avatar
drmoon55 wrote at 2016-02-17 20:43:12+00:00:

Was down there at the first of the year and did golf several of these courses as well as two that were mentioned as should have been, well I believe your list for the most part is spot on and as was stated Talking stick North was not good either the conditions or the hospitality, Eagle Mountain was close but still needs some work.  Good job 

jokerman1's avatar
jokerman1 wrote at 2016-02-18 19:15:22+00:00:

Talking Stick courses are boring .  Eagle Mountain is hit or miss in regards to condition ; at least you have some great views at Eagle Mountain. Neither belong on any top list 

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