Top 25 courses in Michigan according to Golf Advisor reviews in 2015

The Michigan public golf scene is a coveted one, with great courses to be found in all parts of the mitten. Northern Michigan receives the most national recognition for its stellar resort courses around Traverse City, Gaylord and Harbor Springs. But the state is gorgeous in more spots than the north, and while the northern courses are known for value, golfers in Michigan still find them pricey compared to other spots, particularly around Grand Rapids and central Michigan near the state capital.

Golf Advisor's top 25 golf courses in Michigan in 2015, as rated by Golf Advisor reviewers (not me, a Michigan native) showcase well known courses that make national top 100 lists, like Boyne, Bay Harbor, Shanty Creek, Eagle Eye and Harbor Shores. But there are also courses that are more beloved by the locals, including a few lesser known resorts. Four of Michigan's top courses made Golf Advisor's Top 50 in the U.S. list, and the kicker is that these four are probably not the ones you're used to seeing. Michiganders all have a great value-course in their back pocket, no matter where they live, while Chicago residents find great, affordable options a short drive away in the state's southwest side. If there's anything we can conclude from Michigan's top 25, rated by you, it's that there are a lot of great, affordable courses in Michigan designed by less well known architects that you're probably missing out on. If you're more interested in playing the best nationally known courses according to expert reviews, you can check out Jason Scott Deegan's (also a Michigan native) top 15 courses in Northern Michigan.

To find this ranking, we took a combination of a course's overall and subcategory scores from reviews submitted in 2015. You can view each course's details by clicking on their link below.

Top 25 golf courses in Michigan

25. Cedar Chase Golf Club

Cedar Springs

24. Diamond Springs Golf Course


23. Gaylord Country Club


22. Eagle Crest Golf Club


21. Hawk's Eye Golf Club


20. Heather Highlands Golf Club


19. Lyon Oaks


18. The Natural Golf Course


17. Heather at Boyne Highlands Resort

Harbor Springs

16. Bay Harbor Golf Club

Bay Harbor

15. Charlevoix Country Club


14. Cedar River at Shanty Creek Resort


13. Harbor Shores Golf Club

Benton Harbor

12. The Medalist Golf Club


11. Moose Ridge Golf Course

South Lyon

10. Eagle Eye Golf Club


9. The Ravines Golf Club


8. East at Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort


7. West at Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort


6. Little Traverse Bay

Harbor Springs

5. Pohlcat

Mount Pleasant

4. Stonegate Golf Club

Twin Lake

3. Hawk Hollow Golf Course


2. Bedford Valley Country Club at Gull Lake View Resort

Battle Creek

1. Macatawa Legends Golf and Country Club


Feb 22, 2016

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u000006480606's avatar
u000006480606 wrote at 2016-03-05 00:16:48+00:00:

I understand the metrics, but no Arcadia makes this list void in my opinion. 

CurlyPubes's avatar
CurlyPubes wrote at 2016-02-29 23:55:19+00:00:

what about Meridian Sun in Haslett

John8056748's avatar
John8056748 wrote at 2016-02-29 14:20:07+00:00:

Whoaaaaaa.... Harbor Shores should DEFINITELY be higher on this list, and where's Arcadia Bluffs?

BrandonTuckerGA's avatar
BrandonTuckerGA Staff wrote at 2016-03-01 14:48:41+00:00:

Arcadia didn't receive enough reviews to qualify in 2015. I certainly gave it five stars when I played it. 

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