Top 25 courses under $50 in the U.S.

We compiled the top 50 courses in the U.S. under $50 according to your reviews. To view details on how we found them, and courses nos. 50-26, view part I here.

Top 25 golf courses in the U.S. under $50

25. Canterbury Woods Country Club

Canterbury, N.H.
$45 weekdays walking
Standout subcategory: Course layout

24. Prairie View

Byron, Ill.
$40 weekends w/cart
Standout category: Value

23. Cutter Creek Golf Club

Snow Hill, N.C.
$49 w/cart weekdays
Standout category: Course Layout

22. General Burnside Island

Burnside, Ky.
$27-32 walking
Standout category: Staff Friendliness

21. Aldeen Golf Club

Rockford, Ill.
$48 weekends walking
Standout category: Value

20. Cedarbrook Country Club

Elkin, N.C.
$39 weekends w/cart
Standout category: Course layout

19. StoneCrest Golf Course

Prestonburg, Ky.
$42 weekends w/cart
Standout category: Course layout


18. Turtle Creek Golf Course

Greenville, Ohio
$27 walking weekends
Standout category: Value

17. Apache Links at Squaw Valley Golf Course

Glen Rose, Texas
$45 w/cart weekdays.
Standout category: Course layout

16. Country Club of Barre

Plainfield, Vt.
$49.99 w/cart
Standout category: Course layout

15. Gibson Bay

Richmond, Ky.
$38 w/cart weekends
Standout category: Value

14.The Jewel Golf Club

Lake City, Minn.
$47 walking weekday
Standout category: Course Layout

13. Champion Lakes

Bolivar, Pa.
$25 walking weekends
Standout category: Layout

12. Greystone Golf Club

Dickson, Tenn.
$39 weekdays w/cart
Standout category: Value

11. Cobblestone Park Golf Club

Blythewood, S.C.
$49 weekdays w/cart
Standout category: Course layout

10. Arrowhead Point at Lake Richard B. Russell

Elberton, Ga.
$45 weekends w/cart
Standout category: Course layout

9. Bedford Valley Country Club

Battle Creek, Mich.
Standout category: Value

Bedford Valley

8. Ashland Golf Club

Ashland, Ohio
$40 weekends w/cart
Standout category: Course Layout

7. Macatawa Legends

Holland, Mich.
$41 w/cart weekday
Standout category: Staff Friendliness

6. Royal Hylands

Knightstown, Ind.
$25-29 walking
Standout category: Value

5. Country Club of Brewton

Brewton, Ala.
$38 weekday w/cart, $46 weekend
Standout category: Value

4. Glacier Wood Golf Club

Iola, Wis.
$23 weekdays walking, $35 w/cart
Standout category: Value

3. Gunter's Landing Golf Club

Guntersville, Ala.
$39 weekdays, $49 weekends
Standout category: value

2. Scotch Hall Preserve

Merry Hill, N.C.
$40 weekdays w/cart, $50 weekends w/cart
Standout category: Staff Friendliness

1. Chariot Run Golf Club

Laconia, Ind.
$44 weekdays with cart
Standout category: Course conditions

Aug 01, 2016

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Thomas 's avatar
Thomas wrote at 2018-03-07 21:31:24+00:00:

Not one mention of Temecula Ca and the value courses here. Hey Matt Ginella you need to visit Temecula the next time you are near the Goat Hill.

tetonper55's avatar
tetonper55 wrote at 2018-01-01 00:11:52+00:00:

Hmm... surprised Battlement Mesa at Parachute CO isn't on the list. It is an outstanding course. Once rated in the top 50 women's courses in the USA. Unless the $53 on weekends bumps it out.

nobignumbers's avatar
nobignumbers wrote at 2017-08-31 20:29:42+00:00:

That you list Stoney Point at 50 attests to the quality of the other 49. Arrowhead Point, Cobblestone, and Cider Ridge age confirmed first rate. How about The Frog, outside of Atlanta?

Scot9907's avatar
Scot9907 wrote at 2016-08-21 18:38:32+00:00:

I looked at the list to see if there were any courses in NJ to make the cut.  I am not surprised that there are not any on the list.  I've only been in NJ for about a year, but find the courses to be very expensive compared to the layout and conditions they are in.  Most of the ones that I have played are a joke (but I have to admit the I can only compare them to the Alabama Trail courses), and it makes me miss the coursed in GA and AL.

uJMLW3957JM's avatar
uJMLW3957JM wrote at 2016-08-13 21:08:54+00:00:

No west coast courses. Bogus list.

mizell99's avatar
mizell99 wrote at 2016-08-12 19:54:18+00:00:

Good list, definitely agree with Squaw Valley in Glen Rose, one of the best kept secrets of Central Texas. Too bad Pinion Hills in Farmington NM is no longer under $50, for many years it was under $40. Thanks for putting the list together, these are the types of courses that golfing road warriors need to know about!!

BrandonTuckerGA's avatar
BrandonTuckerGA Staff wrote at 2016-08-12 20:01:52+00:00:

I'll have to get to Squaw Valley sometime soon and maybe pair it on a road trip with Pine Dunes, which can be played at times for about $59. I absolutely adore Delaware Springs, about an hour northwest of Austin. 

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