UPS Golf Club Shipping Review: Prices, Speeds, Answers and Advice

While you'll probably never see a UPS golf club shipping advertisment during a PGA Tour event like you do with mega-sponsor FedEx, the former does offer this service.

In fact, lots of companies do, and we created an awesome comparison chart in the free guide below.

That said, if you'd like to learn the specifics about UPS golf clubs shipping, read on.

I called, clicked, and created sample shipments with UPS and my findings are below: the answers to the most frequently asked questions about UPS golf club shipping (and others that should be).

How Much Does UPS Golf Club Shipping Cost?
This depends how far and how fast you're sending your golf clubs, but as a point of reference, you can send a standard set of golf clubs (ground) from New York to Los Angeles for about $95, including "declared value" and "fuel surcharge." Transit time is four days.

(For a comparison chart showing the prices and speeds offered by a variety of companies, see the free guide below.)

By the way, this fuel surcharge, which increases depending on the speed of shipment, is unique to UPS, or at least the fact that it breaks it out.

For our New York to Los Angeles ground shipment, the fuel surcharge was $6.36. For Next Day Air Early AM shipping, the fuel surcharge jumped all the way up to $59.09.

Shipping golf clubs with UPS's 3 Day Select shipping was $250. Two-day shipping and overnight shipping were $360 and $444, respectively. The quickest shipping option is Next Day Air Early AM, which was $480. Several companies charge far less than this, and they are detailed in the free guide below.

Everything Above Applies If I Ship My Clubs from a UPS Store, But Will UPS Pick Up My Clubs at My Home or Office?
Yes, at-home pickup is available for between $5 and $12 more (depending on the shipping speed), and here is one important note:

You do NOT need to have a UPS account. Rather, you can get at-home pickup and ship any speed you like: Ground, 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air, or Next Day Air Early AM.

Other companies that feature at-home pickup require either an account number or restrict you from certain shipping speeds. UPS wins in this category.

Unfortunately, there is one major problem with the UPS pickup service:

Despite the fact that the UPS website allows you to designate a time frame for your pickup, in reality, the driver shows up whenever he or she wants. 

When I called UPS to complain about the driver showing up at 4:00 pm when I requested an 11 am pickup, the customer service representative acknowledged that UPS is aware of the problem.

Does UPS Require Me to Pack My Clubs A Certain Way?
Yes and no.

You don't need to pack your clubs in a cardboard box; you can use a golf travel case.

BUT, the case must be hard-sided. This is a major point of difference -- and in my mind, a drawback -- between UPS and, say, FedEx, which allows you to use soft-sided cases.

That said, if you already own a hard-sided case, all you have to do is pop your clubs inside and attach the UPS label to the outside. Easy.

If you don't have a hard-sided golf travel bag, you can buy the UPS golf box and they'll pack it for free. And by free, I mean the labor only. They'll charge you for the tape and bubble wrap.

Their Golf box is $18.50. It is 14”x12”x48". You can certainly find less expensive golf club shipping boxes, and we list some websites selling them in the free guide below.

What Happens if My Clubs are Lost or Damaged In Transit?
Like FedEx, UPS does not offer traditional insurance coverage. Instead, it offers, "declared value" coverage.

While it's based on a different philosophy, it's effectively the same thing.

Basically, you declare what the contents of the shipment is worth and this represents, "UPS's maximum liability for the package in the case of loss or damage. If no value is declared, UPS's maximum liability for loss or damage to a package or international shipment is US$100 (or the equivalent in local currency)."

The price of declared value coverage is determined by the package's weight and value. For example, for a 40-pound golf bag with a declared value of $1,500, the price is $13.50.

Other things to note regarding UPS's "declared value" policy:

"As with any claim, you must prove the value of the merchandise, regardless of the value declared..."

"Claims may be denied for a number of reasons. Improper or inadequate packaging is one of the more common reasons for a claim denial..."

A less risky way to purchase declared value coverage is to do so at a UPS Store that offers the company's "Pack and Ship Promise." This basically says that if they pack your shipment, there's more of a no-questions-asked reimbursement.

Of course, there are other -- and often less expensive -- insurance options, which, you guessed it, are detailed in the below guide.

Does UPS Have Any Restrictions Regarding Where It Will Ship My Clubs?
Outside of P.O. boxes, UPS will ship your clubs anywhere in North America and pretty much any other populated, industrialized region of the world. As a point of reference, NY to the UK costs about $572.

However, they did make it a point of emphasis that you should always call and verify that the area you are shipping to does receive shipment service from UPS.

What Happens If I'm Staying at a Hotel?
No problem as far as UPS is concerned, but I strongly recommend asking the hotel about its shipping policies because some refuse packages if guests aren’t checked in yet.

Also, some hotels charge package processing and/or holding fees. So, while it's usually a good idea to ship your golf clubs well in advance of your arrival, you obviously don't want these fees to add up.

Finally, if shipping to a hotel, make sure you write its name (and yours) on the label, and prominently note, “Please hold for guest/pick up.”

I hope the above information and advice was helpful.

Keep in mind, however, that it only applies to UPS golf club shipping.

If you like to see a side-by-side comparison chart of all the major golf club shipping services (prices, speeds, etc.) download the free guide below.

Craig Better is one of the founding editors of Golf Vacation Insider. In addition to traveling to 15 foreign countries, he has twice traveled across America to play golf courses in all 50 United States. Prior to joining Golf Vacation Insider, Craig was a freelance writer who contributed to GOLF Magazine, Travel + Leisure Golf, Maxim Magazine,, and co-authored Zagat Survey’s book, America’s Top Golf Courses.
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Another great resource for shipping your clubs is
They are a 3rd party shipping company that focus on shipping golf clubs. Most of the time they’re cheaper than the big shipping companies because they use wholesale rates. Ship Sticks is a super convenient, reliable way to ship your clubs. They provide you with a box to ship and they even offer full insurance on the golf clubs you ship!

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