What's your best (or worst) caddie story?

I don’t know about you, but I think one of the greatest pleasures in golf is playing with a great caddie.

Sure, they save your back, help you navigate an unfamiliar golf course, and provide an extra pair of eyes and hands, but they are also cheerleaders, coaches, and sports psychologists.

On the other hand, playing with a bad caddie can really put a damper on your round.

On a recent trip to Scotland, I experienced what were probably the best and worst caddies I've ever had.

The Best
Without a doubt, my caddie, Jim, at Muirfield was phenomenal.

I admit to being a little paranoid when I saw him scribbling notes on the first couple of holes, but he was calculating the distances I hit each of my clubs so he could start making better recommendations.

It probably wasn't an accident that I shot my best score of the trip with him on my bag.

Jim also exhibited a great sense of humor, but without going overboard. I especially liked when he told me my birdie putt on the sixth hole was six inches out and quipped that it was, "a man’s six inches, not a ladies."

The Worst
For the second visit in a row, I left Turnberry with a bad taste in my mouth regarding their caddie program.

Granted, we played late in the day on a Saturday, but the guy assigned to me, Ross, didn't appear as if he had never caddied before in his life.

At first, I was excited. On the first green, he got down into a Camilo Villegas' "Spiderman" stance and studied my putt with incredible care.

However, this was his advice: “It may go left… but it might go right."

Thanks, Ross. Very helpful.

On the second hole, I marked my ball on the green and handed it to him.

When it was my turn to putt, he handed it back to me, but it still had grass stains and clumps of mud on it.

Let's just say Ross' caddying -- and my round -- went downhill from there. But it did make for some great laughs during the trip.

Do you have a memorable caddie story – good or bad?

Please share it or read what others are saying below.

Craig Better is one of the founding editors of Golf Vacation Insider. In addition to traveling to 15 foreign countries, he has twice traveled across America to play golf courses in all 50 United States. Prior to joining Golf Vacation Insider, Craig was a freelance writer who contributed to GOLF Magazine, Travel + Leisure Golf, Maxim Magazine, USAToday.com, and co-authored Zagat Survey’s book, America’s Top Golf Courses.
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Two bad caddy experiences at great resorts. Played Pebble Beach 2 consecutive days. The first day the caddy found out I was a physician and kept asking me about his medical conditions all day. The next day I had a kid who didn’t know the course, couldn’t read putts, and who tried to be a jokester. I asked him for a tee and he threw me one about 6 inches long. The other guy whose bag he had asked for a ball and he tossed him a pink one he had been carrying. Played Pinehurst No. 2 and caddy could not have cared less. Put no effort into reading putts and gave me bad yardage all day.

Several good caddies, especially at Spyglass Hill. High school kid at Brookside in Canton, OH stands out. Caddies at The Greenbrier in WV are generally excellent.

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My best experience by far has been at Bandon Dunes. My caddie, Matt Parise sets the record for skill level when it comes to caddies. He not only is at one of the most reputable courses in the world, he dedicates his profession to an actual degree. A member of the PGA and used to be golf professional, his skill set has no boundary. Highly recommend him.

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I asked my turnberry caddy - can I carry that bunker? Answer - I wouldn't think so sir, there's ten ton of sand in it!!

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By far best caddy was (Hawaii mike) at Kiawah cassique & River course. We had a group of 16, which we did a Ryder cup format. This young man was a ninja, just a pleasure to be around his advice and reads were spot on. This kid had us smiling and laughing the whole time. His one liners and passion for the game really showed. Other Caddy was good too, maybe alittle dazed and confused but a nice guy. But not the ninja ..... Had him for the whole week. what a damn good time at Kiawah. We were making wagers that night who's getting the ninja the next day. "keep your finger out of it and your head down

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Best and worst caddie experiences were both in Scotland in the summer of 2009. I spent a month playing golf and drinking whisky and had a caddie for nearly all of my 27 rounds in 29 days.

Best: John Boyne at the Old Course in St. Andrews. Good guy, professional, pleasant and willing to assist and help both on and off the course. One of the best. Close tie was Nick Robertson, also of St. Andrews. Golf coach, good guy to spend 5 hours with and great caddie.

Worst: I had an older woman at Murcar Links. Can't remember her name. She used some hand steered power cart to 'drive/push' my clubs around the course, she refused to believe I hit the ball as far as I did, resulting in my having to locate my ball some 20-30 yards away from where she was looking for it, she had no local knowledge or personality to speak of. Very disappointing.

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Most memorable, Turnberry, very young local lads maybe 13 years old. An absolute gale made club selection and score keeping pointless. Arriving at the short par 5 seventeenth my ever optomistic caddie said in his brogue, "You will have nae trooble gettin' hame in too". I told him you mean as opposed to the par threes and fours!

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Worst caddie experience I've ever had was at troon north. Caddie was rude, when wrong never admitted it. No names mentioned. Best caddie experience hands down at liberty national. Played twice had a guy name Roberto who went out of his way to make us feel comfortable. Another guy Chris D had a tremendously great attitude. Both caddies knew the course, the breaks while providing exceptional service.

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Bandon Dunes.
The best caddy I have ever had is Dave Phillips at Bandon Dunes. I have been all over the world, and have hired caddys in the past. Not only was Dave a true gentleman, but his green reading skills, and yardages were spot on. It was a pleasuer to walk with him and learn about the area and the courses.

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I work at an Open venue in Scotland v interesting reading all these. From the other side the one thing that annoys me the most is if you want someone to read your putts don't stand right behind the ball its really annoying I can't see through your legs. And don't bring a power caddy bag, any other is fine trolley bag tour bag no problem but they are ridiculous.

Apart from that Americans are about the most popular among caddies here you're quite nice people.

One more thing guy up there complaining hit a 6 iron into the trees on a par 3, should have hit 9, obviously thats terrible but come on if you're a golfer how can you look at a par 3 and happily swing a club thats 3 clubs out anyway ? surely you would know just by looking thats way too much ? its not all the caddies fault.

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Have used many caddies over the years with generally great experiences. Latest was group of guys at Bandon where we had Ryan and Sasha who were excellent and 2 years before had Juggie in one of best 6 round golf trips ever. Worst story aside from a few who didn't read greens well was this latest Bandon trip where one of the group's caddies was so obsessed with reducing weight in the bag that he made our golfer take all the balls out of their sleeves and leave behind all but one of his ball markers. At one point he turned the bag upside down to empty it because he thought there was some water in it making it heavier - we replaced him after the 1st day. Din't keep it from being a fantastic trip!

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What's your best (or worst) caddie story?
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