Mary Ellen Purdy

I have LOVED playing in Ireland, Scotland and in the Canadian Maritimes with the fantastic Kalos Golf Tours. To say they are WINEN FRIENDLY is an understatements!!!


A very misleading title for that article which was an ad for some high priced golf outings. Is that what you wanted to do? Or did you actually want to know how women think golf courses can improve to make golf more fun, interesting and comfortable for them?

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

I think a great follow up article would be on how courses can be more accommodating to women. thanks.

Laura Lynn

Casa de Campo in Dominican or just about any Pete Dye course. You can tell by his designs that Alice has input. I want realistic yardage. Most courses I play don't allow for use of a lot of different clubs. It seems like most are designed by men with little thought of women playing the game.

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

Casa De Campo is a fabulous pick for women/couples trips. Well said.


Your teaser was "What Female Golfers Want," but then your article wasn't about that. You know what we want? We want level tee boxes, and we want them placed in a position on the fairway that makes sense!

Nakki Miyai Rutherford

Absolutely correct on the t boxes.
All money is green and I expect all T boxes to be position and leveled according to the fairway. Men would scream, women are no different. This is the unyeilding arrogance of a lot of men in powerful positions. I call them as I see them.


i am not a woman...which tells me that sometimes women and men want the same things. This certainly is one of the spot!


My favorites -the Old Course at St Andrews (a true bucket-list trip with two other couples) - though beware ladies, the 'forward' tees are not forward at all! The Meadows Course at the Greenbrier Resort in WV was gorgeous and the resort itself is stunning in the Spring. TPC Sawgrass (another bucket list trip) was incredibly difficult but a dream with so many iconic holes. Finally - our 'home' course at Colorado National in Erie Colorado - home of the CU Buffalos and a beautiful links-style course.

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

I was in St. Andrews a few weeks ago and some of the ladies tees are BEHIND the men's tees!


Torrey Pines Golf Course North And South


Agree with Lynn; how about women, like my daughter, who have a variety of courses in Southern California that can be driven to - not have some company pay to flying them across some ocean or to another country. Some reviews that are grounded in a lot more realism. After all, the goal is to grow the game among women.

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

Thanks for the comments, we'll work on a follow up.

Lynn Sander

How about a survey of a cross section of real-world women recreational golfers? Your ‘survey’ is misleading at best...these are all hot tv golf host types...NOT representative of female golfers!


Don't be jealous, if your not, just enjoy the views, verbally and scenically!


That's what I was thinking...

Chantel McCabe

Sunday River in Maine is what got me hooked. A charming course tucked in the mountain. I lost a lot of ball when i played but I couldn’t get over the views and cool wildlife.
I’ll have to go back now that my handicap has improved ;)

BrandonTuckerGA Staff

Great to hear. Reminds me a bit of my first trip to Northern Michigan.