Many people are complaining about the price. Understood. However, this course is designed for people who can afford the $500 fee, no problem. There are less expensive options: You can stay at The Nobu Villa, at the Nobu Hotel (Google this one), or you can stay at Circus Circus. You can eat at Joël Robuchon in MGM Grand, or at Subway in Mandalay Bay. You can golf at Wynn, or you can play at The Club at Sunrise ($69 tops).


Great to see this course coming back - totally agree with those who say it's not $500 worth - except that it is. You get the whole luxurious round / country club experience with the convenience of being right on the strip. Yes - I love traveling to Mesquite / Summerlin / and love Cascata but having this experience back in LV will be a blessing to many.
Remember - a good (not fantastic) steak dinner and decent (not great) bottle of wine will set you back close to $500 in this town so let's keep things in perspective.


Just one word...."GREAT"

Scott Scofield

Don't know when I'll get to Vegas but it is certainly a possibility sounds like a wonderful experience


yes I plan to play the course, I think it will be lot's of
I've just got to get my foursome to come along.


It's a golf experience like no other. The ability to wake up, walk through this incredibly beautiful hotel and have your clubs waiting for you with a caddy to guide you to the first hole. The caddies are some of the best in the country and the cart seats feel like your sitting in a Bentley. Escape from the desert and enter a landscape that feels like tobacco road in NC. At the turn enjoy a chipotle chicken panini, end the round at the waterfall hole and have your shoes cleaned by some of the nicest and attentive clubhouse staff around. You get what you pay for... if you can't afford it, go to the other courses. Is this the best course? Probably not. Is this the best experience? Yes. Cascata is more fun and just as luxurious and the caddies are just as good but you can't walk to the course and it's $395. At Wynn you're paying for convenience and pampering.


I'm all in for "experiences", but you've got to be kidding me at $550. This is not the only Strip course - see Bali Hai at the south end for less than half the price (and service, forecaddies, and golf are excellent). There are too many good courses in Vegas that are an Uber drive away that you can play three times for the same price to pay that much. It's a pretty course for sure - I've stayed at the Wynn many times and looked out over the fairways - but $550? I'd play if the price included a night stay and three square meals at the Wynn/Encore. Otherwise, Steve Wynn will need to find someone else to pay for that bottle of top shelf champagne on his private jet while I fly basic economy. I agree that experiences like TPC Sawgrass are better and cost way less.


Agree Beautiful course but not at that price.Has to offer more then 18 holes at 550.00


45 minutes to the east is Mesquite and Wolf Creek golf course. You can play it twice for under $200 and I guarantee you will be very impressed with not only the golf course but the natural beauty of the area.
It is like playing on Mars.

paul mcshane

Great News, played the old course many times when visiting The Wynn, was devastated when they announced it was closing, played my last round there October 2017, Price tag was always high, but I seen it as my treat, Returning with the Guys in March 2020 so may need to change the schedule to play the new course.
Staff and service was always first class. A WELCOMED RETURN.


Been to Vegas once. Played TPC Las Vegas. Was ok.Would Love to play the Wynn course just can’t afford $500.


There is so much good golf in Vegas and around I wouldn't play Wynn. Last time I was there it was in brutal shape. Instead I would recommend Cascata which is like a 20 minute drive if you want an experience. Also Wolf Creek but that is a good 1 hr drive away. Rio Secco another great option or Paiute they have 3 courses there.